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11 April 2017

Yesterday our power was restored! Thank you Lord and thank you to all the wonderful Power workers who came from all over the country to fix what TC Debbie had destroyed. It was a mammoth task! 2 weeks without electricity seemed a long long time. It was divine timing because our generator had burnt something out just hours before and husband had to make a fast trip into town to get a new part for it.

Australia rallied around like the wonderful people they are to come to the aid of everyone affected by the cyclone. Bowen, Hideaway Bay, Dingo Beach, Airlie Beach, Proserpine and all the surrounding districts were devastated. The army, the power workers, the fire and rescue people, the state Gorvernment, the SES, and all who pitched in to help one another. All brilliantly co-ordinated by first responders headquarters.

Clean up crews came from everywhere. Energex even had trucks from as far away as Melbourne. And to see their helicopters lift fallen lines up to the top of the poles for the ground crew to secure was a skill that took the breath away. Awesome guys!


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