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RE: Interpreting riddles of hell, end of days, earth, and heaven.

Dear Luke Love Solomon,

Our King, Jesus, loves you,

Regarding my last letter I gave you part of the interpretations of my riddles about hell, end of days, earth, and heaven. Here is the second part. Now out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks, and how can a good tree bear bad fruit? So it is if you have a sequence of 666, or 777, or other numbers, in a community, they proceed from the people in the community. Those with good intentions will, do good because they try to. Those with evil intentions will do bad. For this reason you find good and bad in the world.

Your heart, soul, mind and body strength are as a city or a garden. You can be lukewarm for a day, lukewarm for another day, lukewarm for another day. 666. You can be separate from God, for one day, and another, and another. You can be sinful, one hour, then another, then another. You can be indifferent one day, then another, then another. You can hate one day, hate another, then hate another. You can have one enemy, then another, then another. You can say bad things about another follower, say bad things about another follower, say bad things about another follower. All these are 666. Bad, they proceed from something more frightful, for they come from, internal evil, internal evil, internal evil… 666. In your mind, in your heart, in your soul, there is evil, so your actions have evil, and your contribution to the world, what you put out there, is part evil.

So. You are a city, you are a garden internally with bad seeds and good seeds. Purify your mind and intentions, clean the inside of the cup and the outside will be clean also. But how do you stop a sequence in your mind of 666, how do you stop the next six from coming? You put a 7 next. You might say, but I don’t know how. Of course you don’t, that’s why you became a Christian, that’s why you repented, because you realised you weren’t a 7, question is, who is a 7? You have three options, and the three options are one. King Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father. So, you need to pray, worship, read the gospels. If you do this, for one day, then the next, then the next… that is 777. If you continue that sequence… anything is possible. You will find love and ethics, internally, then it will overflow, then you will find friends, family, a successful marriage, church, a close relationship with God and other such marvellous things in the outer world, because first you corrected your internal world. You allowed Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to teach you love and ethics, which leads you to the Father. And we will come and make our home in him.

The Lord cause his face to shine upon you, the lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

Yours in Holy Spirit and Jesus love,
John Love Edmund.

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