The Real Bond

a writing by Sheela Chalapathi ramananda

Life is so full of surprises. At a time when you think that things have settled down and life is going on at an even pace everything goes topsy turvy and there is a mayhem let loose. You are totally taken aback by the unexpected attacks by the invisible hand called destiny,fate,God or whatever .Why is it so? With all the progression that we have made technologically why is life still a mystery. Agreed that we know how the body functions, in fact ,everything about the body is at our fingertips literally because when you tap the keyboard on your smart phone you get all the information you want.You need not go to the library,search for books, then pore over them flipping the pages and experience an array of emotions from euphoria to anger to sadness to confusion and of course ending up with a sense of achievement when you get the information you were looking for.Technology is at your beck and call and knowledge is in your fist. Yet there is a lacuna in your mind ,you are not happy ,you feel lonely despite the fact that you have so many friends on social media. May be you want to meet real people, get the required information from them, interact with them like in the past when you would go to your teacher when you had a doubt and enjoyed those intellectual arguments with your friends.How I crave for those days of the yore spent in the gurukula or with Socrates in Greece when you sat with a more knowledgeable person in the shade of trees ,in the lap of Nature and get all the information that your mind craved for. Now, you don’t need a human being to give you that knowledge or for that matter friends to talk to,discuss with. You have a virtual world which seemingly satisfies your craving for knowledge, for friendship,for togetherness,for love and the list goes on and on. But it is a virtual world and not real. Unfortunately, that world has become more important to many of us than the real one. But there are times when the real world robes of a family,of caring, of giving and taking, of celebrating, of comforting become more valuable than any of those virtual worlds .
I started off with this rant to talk about my own experience and got so preoccupied with the merits and demerits of the real and the virtual worlds that I seem to have forgotten about what I wanted to share with all my readers out there. So now ,let me try to connect with my topic of the surprises in life's storehouse.
As I was saying life is mysterious. After donning multiple roles in life I thought that I should give myself time for introspection and do all those things which were not possible because of my commitments and busy schedule. In other words, I wanted to chill out and decided to rest my tired body and mind for a few months. Frankly speaking I relaxed and rested so much that my body and mind started becoming rebellious. I was so used to a busy lifestyle that this sudden shift from the busy to the lazy started having its toll and the first victim was my body. Idleness had its impact on the body and I developed health problems to such an extent that for months I had to suffer intense physical and mental trauma.My dreams of enjoying peace and tranquility after decades of stressful existence were shattered.When I was at the hospital groaning and moaning in pain it was the loving care of my husband and children that comforted me.All those from the virtual world remained there and it was the strong family bond that helped me endure the terrible pain.I could sense their anguish, their tears, their concern for they loved me.Day and night they were by my sick bed comforting me,filling me with confidence and boosting up my morale. Then there was this very old but precious person who could not visit me at the hospital but who prayed to God for my well being .She must have suffered intensely because when I went to meet her from the hospital she embraced me and shed silent tears. She is my mother an old,old woman who prayed to God constantly to spare my life and take hers instead when I was suffering from excruciating pain. And then my aged mother in law making frantic calls from the village .Yes, these are the bonds in life that are more precious than all the luxuries and comforts in life and of course more valuable and real than any materialistic achievements.

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