The Musketeers Inspiration Challenge No. 77

a writing by William Willis

Scorching hot weather here in Bonnie Scotland at the moment and how lovely that The Challenge is heading to another part of the world also known for blistering heat.

Yes, it's that time again when our coveted Musketeers Baton gets passed to a new recipient.

Firstly let me thank the wonderful poetess Pauline Miller for a superb challenge No. 76. The smiles and laughter theme was just what the doctor ordered and I noted many excellent poems that made us all smile and laugh. We live in times where bad news is never too far away. So, I say a huge THANKS PAULINE, this was a very enlightening and humorous month.

The temperature is still rising as I type and it is about to get hotter because the Musketeers Inspirational Baton Mo 77 is off to the beautiful and prosperous country of India and to a dear friend of VN. She will be on her travels during her monthly tenure with said Baton, however she assures me that she has her laptop by her side. Lol!

Friends! The 77th Inspiration Baton goes to the amazing Rita Singh!

Over to you Rita!

On behalf of The Musketeers

Wm. /|\

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