"The Woman I love"

a writing by Roche Igot Rosos

I was walking with her in the shore, thought something happen

between me and her, since the day we have each other, I feel pity

for myself up to now she have no answer. Three years ago when I

told her how I feel, but it seems that up to now she don't really

care. I don't see her most of the times, cos' I am working in far

away land.

It was a tough decision to made, when I accept the work and I

needed to leave. One of my strength was when I tell her my

feelings, but everything changes when I was started working. Those

sleepless night, thinking if she's alright, those tiring day,

praying that she's okay. I waited for her chats, messages or

calls, I never received any thinking I was ignored.

Few months to go, soon i'll be home and I want to surprise her,
but it was me who was surprise, seeing my only love with another

guy, she's pregnant but not mine, I was so hurt by that time, all

I know that I love her, I have save enough to marry her, if only

then if she waited for me, I know I can provide whatever she

needs. She might live a wonderful life, anything she want she

could by.

Everything was gone to waste, true loves kiss I can no longer

taste, by my eagerness to clear things up, I meet her and have

some talk, she still beautiful, her smile that me fall, but it was

before. It was my fault all the time, knowing that she's inlove

with another guy, before I came into her life, she had this

relationship with this guy.

Knowing the reason why she didn't tell in the first place, I was

leaving that time to work she don't want me to be hurt. I know

it's not fair, but it seems I was the responsible in this affair,

I was been selfish when I confess my feelings, without considering

anything. It's never too late for me to realized, things may not

fall as I've expected, but it's okay as long as I don't make

things complicated.

I felt sorry for all the pain I cause her, but gladly we remain

friends, she deliver a healthy baby girl, she's living with her

man, Knowing she's happy is enough for me, I accepted everything

and now I'm free, I have my own life to live on, it don't stop

there life must go on. God is still working on with my love life to come, thank you Lord God.

We can't force anyone to love us, the way we want it, the way we need, sometimes, we became blind of the instances that there are people who don't love us, and keep their silence as respect of the friendships within. Somehow everything will fall into place, puzzled up, fixed. Life truly offers a lots of learning so we may not do things again and again.


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