Robbie the Robot

a writing by Kevin Rottweiler

Exciting News for Kevin Rottweiler / poet & author:

Kevin has become a professional artist recently. His brother is a pro artist, but Kevin has doodled most of his life. However, when a an email came 2 years ago, kevin's brother, said "You do the children's book" and Kevin took on the challenge.

The book made it to our mailbox and is called "Robbie the Robot" by Donna Danner.
Kevin drew about 20 illustrations for the book, of science fiction & robots.
Donna is a former back-up singer from the 1970s rock n' roll group Eddie Money.

Kevin is overwhelmed by the colorful book & is awaiting for it to go online for sale soon.
Kevin & his brother have partnered with various "famous people" in their books, music & art; as to gain more attention to their projects.

Kevin also has many books on Amazon Kindle online publishers and with Obooko online, and writes for about 10 different publishing sites, from Contemporary through Christian Topics & Pet Care.
Thanks for all your support and inspiration.

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