a writing by Louise Marie Robello

Is money everything? Money is what we work so hard for, to try to save and get ahead.
To open a business buy a new house or a car or a new bed. If you have enough money
to relax and live comfortable, maybe give donations to your church or children's hospitals.
But sometimes when you have too much money you worry someone is going to steal
something from you, or kidnap a family member and hold them for ransom, you never
know we are all living in hard times and desperate people will do desperate things at
the expense of another. Times have changed and people are not as compassionate as
they use to be, they might look the same and sound the same but their souls are more
shallow. When they look in the mirror their reflections are hallow. The freedom to
express kindness or to show kindness by our actions each year that passes grow less.
Love use to always be in the air, now with all this pollution and hatred and greed it is a
mess. Being a parent is a tough job these days because the world is a hard place.
you don't know who to trust or who is two faced. This is where faith comes in and more
people have to put their trust in God because He is truly real. He is the only one who can
teach you how to feel, how happiness is right here in our finger tips it is only through
loving God that you can have visions of tomorrow and the strength and energy to overcome
sorrow. But it is only through our faith that we can truly understand our purpose and better
understand that money can help manage our lives but love is the reason we are living.

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