79th Musketeers' Inspirational Title Challenge: Introduction and Acknowledgement

a writing by Conrad Kruger van den Bergh

Dear Musketeers, fellow writers, poets and friends!

What a great honour it is for me to be the holder of the baton once again. Once again the baton was sent to the continent of Africa, and once again it is only a pleasure to have it here as far south as the continent would go. A huge thank you from me to the Musketeers for once again trusting me with this most magnificent tradition here on the VoicesNet site. It is as always, only an honour and a privilege for me to be presented with this most noble task.

Looking at the title of the previous 78th challenge as presented by Rufus Brughs, “On the sands of time, I place my print” I just knew I had my job cut out for me. I am sure you would all agree the Rufus had a fantastic run and what an awesome title he presented to us! Reading through all the poems of the 78th challenge one can only sit in awe at the magnificence of thoughts and images which spilled from the magical pens from our fellow writers and poets.

Thank you Rufus for a fantastic title and challenge! Your title surely freed oodles of inspiration, which made the 78th challenge an extremely successful run and one which we all would agree was only a pleasure to meet.

For the 79th inspirational challenge I once again had a pencil and paper handy and scribbled down a few thoughts. In the end, there was one on my list which I felt could draw out some thoughts and feelings on a topic which many poets might not have explored before; and that is an exploration of the strengths of the women in our lives; that is, our mothers, our grandmothers, our sisters, our daughters and our aunts. Or even our wives, our girlfriends and even those ladies we might just regard as part of our friendship group. And there I will leave it, …the rest of the details I will leave for our poets and writers to explore further.

And therefore, I hereby declare (***drumroll***) that the title for the 79th Musketeer Inspirational Challenge will be:

“..for/and only a strong woman knows, how to let go of her problems…”

I am looking immensely forward to reading what all our friends and fellow poets will be able to come up with. May your imagination run wild; may you explore the deepest part of your hearts, and may you enjoy the 79th Musketeers’ Inspiration Challenge title!

Thanking each and every noble poet in advance for taking on this title, and once again, a warm thank you to the Musketeers for allowing me to present to our most fabulous writing community one more challenge title!

Warm regards dear friends! XXX

Conrad K van den Bergh
9 July, 2017

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