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a writing by Dale Costello

Dear Phoebe,

Thank you for your email that I received late yesterday afternoon.

I will not hide my disappointment in your office at this time. I thought you had drafted an intelligent letter to the HCSCC and to leave those questions unresolved suggests I have miscast my vote to Nicks' team.

In the letter from Lucy Avard dated 25th June, 2015 it states "the HCSCC in resolving a complaint will give a reasonable explanation of what has happened." When has this occurred? Throughout, the HCSCC, the Ombudsman, and now your team has stated the documentation is in place and there is nothing to investigate. And yet.. The Ombudsman referred me back to the HCSCC and now your office refers me back to the Ombudsman. Where is the resolution of the abuse I suffered, and others with me? Where is the assurances that abuse victims are not continually being misdiagnosed and mistreated?

I have posted a copy of your email on my blog: along with a full copy of the letter I sent to Nicks office along with the ministers of the two major parties :

I will be doing the same with this email. These issues are two important not to have greater public consultation. As sad as it may be, your office has offered the greatest consultation on this matter, with neither federal ministers' office even bothering with a reply to this point.

I will be posting a great deal more in the coming months as I give greater public scrutiny to my ordeals and the journalistic ethic I have tried to maintain throughout.

Given the Oakden report scandal I would have thought government agencies would show greater scrutiny in matters where abuse has been reported, (as suggested by my physician: Dr Phillip Stacey VVCS), but it appears things are much the same.

I can only do what I can, and must do what I can, to ensure the families of veterans, abuse victims and mental health sufferers are as best protected as they can be.

The dismissal of these issues by your office has been par for the course in the treatment I have received in attempting to have them heard.

And yet, I remain in my faith that history and humanity will forge a wiser path, with greater consultation and scrutiny of treatment for the ill. I have faith that we will all become more accountable to the truth, and not less.

I will leave with this thought, just as there are more pokies in SA than when Nick started his campaign, I am sure there will be more mental health sufferers by the end of mine.

Dale Alan Costello

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