a writing by Emmanuel Ntezeyombi

Love was and came to His resting place. Love went seeking, scaling cliffs, and swimming over oceans. Love walked through the desert, step by painful step. Then Love found a mansion, and Love knocked on the door three times. Love was welcomed in and sat at Her door. There, Love placed flowers, set a table, and prepared a banquet. Finally, outside, Love created a beautiful garden called Eden for a picnic.

Then, in the night, Sin came to the door and banged six times. Sin thought… I will destroy Love. Sin had in its pockets disillusionment and changeability. Sin had a pocketbook of imperfection and unworthiness. When the door opened Sin slithered in and displayed his fangs called mammon. With his sword called individualism, Sin would end Love once and for all. So, it was that Sin towered over Love with anger and power, while Love meekly smiled.

Love opened his small pockets and brought out all the wealth he had. There displayed, was a simple accounting book which had the word forgiveness in it. Much to my surprise soon as forgiveness came out it grew in size and Sin shrunk to the size of an ant, then Love put Sin into his pocket book called forgiveness, and covered it whole. Then I realised that Love was life and happiness so Love was faithful and never ending.

Oh Love! How beautiful you are... more faithful than the cedars of Lebanon.
“The trees of the Lord are full of sap, The cedars of Lebanon which He planted” (Psalm 104:16)

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