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It is that time again dear writers on Voicesnet. It is time for the announcement on who will be awarded the coveted Musketeer's Inspirational Baton for the month of August.
As we all know each challenge begins around the 7th of each month and The Musketeers would like to invite all to participate in some way or another, either by writing a poem or two bearing the new title name or even by way of commenting on the poems written.
Conrad! You have been truly sensational in you tenure carrying BATON NUMBER 79. Your chosen title was unlike no other and I for one really enjoyed pitting my wits and muse up against it. The title was of course "FOR ONLY A STRONG WOMAN KNOWS HOW TO LET GO OF THEIR PROBLEMS" I thank you sincerely for your brilliant commentaries on the poetry submitted and you have endeared yourself to the writers of VN in your short time here.

Again sir! I cannot thank you enough.
From the country of South Africa the BATON now heads in a North- Easterly route and to a country whose coastline measures 7,517 kilometers (4,700 mi) in length. It's coasts boast 43% sandy beaches and 11% rocky shores. The country of The Ganges and The Brahmaputra and also The Bay Of Bengal. This country, if truth be again told.... boasts some amazing writers here on the Voices Net Website too.
This poet Is a scientist and has traveled widely traveled across the world. In his own words "I understood that love is the treasure,for which every one craves ,but does not realize its value when they get it." He has been writing poetry since his teenage years and describes poetry (like many of us) as a GOD SEND!
Ladies and Gentleman of this poetic and writing VOICESNET ....The Musketeer's Inspirational Challenge Title No 80 is awarded to the most excellent DR SUDARSAN PRASAD (INDIA.)

Over to you dear Dr Sudarsan.

Love, hope and strength.



William /|\

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