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Dear Voice Net Family:
please pray for myself & my brother, thanks. We were evicted from our apartment, after my brother (primary breadwinner) got injured on the job. His job had no temporary disability, or health care coverage. We lost 3 months of income and got kicked out. However he is doing well & working full time. We could not find an apartment quickly, and still looking. We slept in the car for 3 days, and I have some experience now as a homeless person. We got food from the pantries, clothing and everything. Since my brother works and we have a car, it is harder to obtain funds from social service agencies. The Church we found, (I wrote letters to churches), they got us 3 nights in a motel, great neighborhood, and safe-- and another church is offering us about the first month's rent. We are hard workers, and not bums, and they can tell, we mean well. God has gotten us through some tough times. I believe in freedom of religion and everyone can ask for help. We did, and we got some. I have learned, that if you keep trying, you can get help. Keep your eyes focused on your Higher Power, whatever it is, and God will help, as I have seen. God Bless my Voices Net family,
Kevin Rottweiler (author & poet)

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