a writing by Roche Igot Rosos

An old man was living alone with his puppy, but unfortunately the old man died because of his age.The puppy was left alone in the house. 1 week later the house of the old man was sold out by his cousin who took care of it. The puppy then had no home to stay, since the old mans relatives has no interest of taking care of the little cuddle.

Cuddle was gone to the woods striving for food, rain had started to fall in that morning, he keep on walking till he finds a place to rest, under the big tree, where there is a lady behind the tree where she rest as well.

Cuddle had been a good dog to his late old man. Ravey the traveler was an awesome person, she loves, natures, animals, foods, beach, the good thing she likes to,.. Guest what? she loves to travel. Ravey was taking a nap under a big tree where she had put up a tent to rest before the rain comes along.

Cuddle was weak, hungry and thirsty, he manage to get the big tree and fall asleep. when Ravey awakes she was surprise to see a puppy besides her tent. Since she loves animals as well.

Ravey: Ohhh, what a poor puppy, (lifting it up) come here let me help you buddy.

Then she give food to cuddle while staying in that place. After 5 days, Ravey have pack up her things and ready to go for her next trip.

She leave cuddle alone. Cuddle is a good and lovely dog.

A few steps where Ravey had take, cuddle hear some noise, somewhat like a footsteps.
Then he secretly follow those footsteps but the footstep gone, he went out to see where the foot steps gone? Cuddle was surprise to see that the woman he follows had ride a boat to get to into the next island. (crying inside with teary eye)

Those place is very much crowded, cuddle as lost in sight, he jump into the river but the river had swallow him into the deep because of strong current under.

6months later, in an empty old house, a woman is screaming in pain, Noooooh, stop it you ashole. Two man was laughing, hahaha what a beautiful sexy lady here, you look so good, delicious, let me have the first touch brother, the on man said, lets get her together.

They had already take off her dress and started molesting her. When the two man was done, the young lady was left alone crying.

The two man was walking in the woods and attacked by something, the other one had escape and fell into the mountain.

The woman has lost its consciousness, she was awake when she felt some wet in her face, ouch, Ravey said, oh a dog, come here buddy, what happen to your face, the dogs tail was wiggling, Ravey trying to get up but she felt lots of pain. (crying silently) it was then cuddle had tried to comfort her. Thinking what was happen.

after a few days later she manage to fixed herself. Ravey was getting better and recover, her wounds slowly healing. She look around the house to find something to use to cook. She reach the kitchen, while looking around, she notice an open box, and began to check what was in it.

She saw a pictures of an old man with a puppy, then she remember that little puppy who was lost in the woods looks the same as the dog who help her. Then she realized that the puppy she saved before, was the same dog who save her life. She sell her possessions and fix the house of the old man where cuddle (the dog) was living in his young age.

When the cousin of the old men learn that someone had already living in the house, he started to stalk, Emil was a greedy drunkenness man in there town. One evening he was following Ravey while taking some woods to use since the winter had began, Emil was starring at Ravey’s whole body,.

In her way home, Ravey already know that there is someone who is following her around. Then she quickly get back to her house, but the Emil knows where she lived. Emil had already inside the house since he has a spare key in the house, and Ravey didn’t notice it. But cuddle had smell something suddenly Emil came out with a knife in his hands.

Sshhhhh Emil said to Ravey, but cuddle had attacked Emil from the back, struggling Emil fought back and stab cuddle, gladly it was only in cuddle feet, then Ravey hit Emil behind his head and beat him till death. She and cuddle had gone out and throw away Emil’s body in the mountain top where rivers flows hardly.
In the morning there are police come, Emil’s relatives was looking for him.

ENDING: Ravey was suspected by the police in their town about all the killings. So She decided to leave their town with cuddle. In their way to the river, the police and the people are everywhere, watching her moves and don’t let her go away. Yet they manage to escape and ride in small boat where she made in advance, but the people have attacked them through fire and burn the whole river by putting a oil and gas into it. It totally explode. Ravey and Cuddle had blown away, and their body was missing after.


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