a writing by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad

Let me begin by thanking the tireless musketeers for keeping the title challenge alive and especially Sir William ( Athos) for conferring me the honor of the 80'th baton holder. The profusion of talent on display ,the zest and the variety in poetic fare which would have pleased even the most cynical of critics, was simply mind boggling . A TON OF THANKS TO ALL OF YOU AND GOD BLESS !

At times I wished I could have chosen a lighter title , for it was testing even for me, to fully express it in full poetic finesse. Yet I think I have tried enough sincerely and thanks to all for your appreciation and time .
As has been stated by our Athos , there is going to be a lull and the readers can choose one among the 80'th titles for a fresh round of poetic exploration. Good luck to all of you in your endeavor and God speed !

Thanks for your time and have a good week end. Good night and so long!

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