THE Cat Cove

a writing by Kevin Rottweiler

Here I lay
in the back of
Jimmy Wagon
a space ship of sorts
if the hunters and fishermen
can live in the back of a car
well then, so can I
Homeless a tragic word
"That will never happen to me"
"college educated"
"middle class"
"in good health"
"religious and sane"
then the bottom fell out
my brother hurt his back
I was recovering from a
one year arthritis and injury
situation, going to interviews
life coming back together
one week late in rent
my brother was off work
no disability
no insurance
the company did not cooperate
no help no help
two months behind
we cried like babies
our best friends were
not best friends
canned food was not the answer
a couple months rent
hotel rooms
over and over
the cost of $75 to $100 per night
then it happened one night
my brother said
"I have no more money"
we have to sleep in the car
and he goes to work
and nobody knows
nobody knows our
homeless secret
as we try and
fight back with our minds
and try to get a down payment
however our credit history is ruined
due to eviction and
many apartments don't want us
due to a broken back?
due to arthritis?
they did not give us a chance

The Cat Cove
looking at a full moon
the world is average
it is going by
people scurry about
deer walk by
the car
we feed the ducks crackers
(they don't like Whoppers)
and we take a
sponge bath
at my brother's job
hopefully they won't
find out
and a church pastor
brought us $20 in gas
so he does not lose his job
and can get there
and in the Cat Cove
in the back of the GMC Jimmy wagon
I see God's Mighty hands
and his creation
he will not let us down
it is man that
ruins the world
hate and greed
business exploitation
we were victims
of a cold and calloused
property manager scheme
they only took us
on the lease
"because they could not fill the apartments"
and used us
when they get richer clients
they evict the less rich
However the cat cove
is a good place
I raise my legs
and avoid blood clots
I have reduced the swelling in
my legs from too much
car sitting
and we are normal adults
with Bible degrees
and college degrees
and I do volunteer work
in 3 agencies
and this is
for real
things are not
happening fast enough
but the ducks
and the deer are
my friends
and God is right here
Cat Cove

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