October 1st Moving to New Place (thanks for prayers)

a writing by Kevin Rottweiler

thanks for your prayers & wishes & hopes:
my brother & I are moving into a new place .October 1st. We had serious. life problems during the summer (job injury, back rehab, arthritis .rehab & another injury)... that took its toll & evicted for falling behind in rent (they would not negotiate with us & .non-tenant friendly.

By God's grace & miracle found something a few blocks from our old address (no credit check, no red tape, pay the money & .you are in).

We will be going to motels a few more times (very expensive) & staying in the car several days per week. This situation has been a challenge and a lot of yelling and screaming. However, it becomes easier,

I am writing a book about "living in the car while employed" and how .our attempts at .gaining help from the system, did not work. If you have a car & job (part time) and I .have been off work .for a year, but going to interviews... they give no help. We .got some canned food and that was it. They gave me a cell phone and a health .care card, that I am grateful for, .but the housing crisis .... .they don't help .everyone equally.

We got two days in a hotel from a local church and that was incredible, and the hotel paid a free night for us.

thanks for your prayers
Kevin R..

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