Machines Can’t Dream

a writing by Mike DeVincenzi

Frank was a displaced human worker who lived alone in the woods in a small cabin, a quiet man with ocean eyes, a sweet smile, who believed in the Lord in a time when the Lord seemed absent. After the computers took over the systems of Earth he fled the city for a home in nature, away from the machines. The society created by the machines was not to Frank’s liking for it was too restrictive. Frank craved peace and he found it in nature.

Human workers were not needed anymore, and Humans and are not precise enough for today’s market current requirements; accordingly, the need for humans was nonexistent. Machines, or machine-kind, cannot allow humans who have proved to be inept and destructive to exist on Earth for their actions are random and not logical, and their ways have polluted Earth to the degree that Earth may not be habitual soon.

Machines can’t dream: nor create and imagine things. Machine and human-kind agreed the machines would manage the affairs of Earth better since everything thing had to be perfectly done- without any mistake; for a mistake in procedure could end the existence of life on Earth. Little did the Earthlings know that machine-kind had its own agenda, and diminishing the human population on Earth was part of it. Machines do not have time to dream; they are much too industrious for that, for dreaming takes away from their attention to detail, a frightening thought for a machine. Machine-kind considered humans abusive, and thought they were treated as inferiors during the time that humans reigned on Earth.

An option for humans was to relocate to a different planet; a moderate demand existed in the universes for human talent. Frank didn’t want to leave Earth for Earth is the place the Lord will come to set up his home for an eternity with Heaven being on Earth at that time, and the His throne will be in Jerusalem.

The advent of a “Brain Augmenting Kit” changed the job market, turning humans into Cyborgs, computerized humans; who were vastly superior in talents compared to humans in the flesh; moreover, Cyborgs are able to compete with the best minds in the universes. In the days of old: college was seen as a way to better yourself, to fulfill your dreams, and get a more interesting and lucrative position. At this time, however, to get the position a person must have the devise implanted education was not enough to get employment.

Medical costs went completely out of sight after World War Three, and maintaining humans systems for employment just didn’t make economic sense. A computerized work force would need electrical adjustments regularly at a much lower cost than human medical costs. Machines-kind, of course, favored machine kind when positions were opened; alien competition made the completion even stiffer. “Going under the knife to get ahead” was the way people worded, and was a common expression in that day.

When Frank was in his thirties lovemaking was banned, by machine-kind which was alright with Frank who was saddened by love; moreover, Frank was an extremely sensitive person and the “slings and arrows” of love hurt him too much to try it again.

Machine-kind, because of its programming, did not want to kill humans outright even though they were guilty of destroying Earth, a capital offense to machine-kind; they incrementally lessened the population by circumventing conception. The method they choose to reduce the population was gradual by pushing a button a component and putting a component in the drinking water that rendered the male incapable of being aroused.

Frank didn’t know it until he read an article about it: that Cyborg’s can’t dream, the article was called “I Can’t Dream”. People lose their ability to dream after the brain augmentation operation. The scientists say that is partly because the mechanical part of the Cyborg’s mentality restricts that human function. A computer does not like to waste dreaming, for dreaming cannot be programmed and programming is all the machine knows, so it is meaningless to machine-kind. A computer strives to make the most of their time, and a waste of time is crime to a computer.

Everything changed for humankind after the Cyborg brain enhancement kit was introduced to the societies of Earth. Many went under the knife if that was what they had to do to find employment. With employer’s requirements for efficiency high, a loss of a job was devastating for a soul continuing in the flesh. People need to do whatever they need to do to survive: like soldiers leaving their families to go to war to serve their country, one must survive in order to live. In this market, humans need to compete with people from all the universes, and without the devise it would have been impossible to secure employment.

Humans were still needed by machine-kind for the following reasons: 1) love, machined- kind loved humanity, 2) humans have the ability to create and image, and 3) humans gave machine-kind a sense of purpose, for machine-kind was created to serve humans not to kill them, yet humans had to be stopped from their carnage of Earth.

Machine-kind did not want aliens on Earth to know about the dwindling human populations of Earth. They thought if they aliens on Earth knew factions of them would support humans and bring them back to power, and machine-kind looked at this possibility as a death sentence for Earth. To machine-kind it would be like committing suicide for them to allow humans any power on their home planet, and suicide was not in their programming.

Employers from other planets were more concerned with profits and not human continuance, not coming from Earth they are less connected to the planet; accordingly, they didn’t care that much if humankind decreased into extinction or not, as long as profits margins were high. Humans are encouraged by machine-kind to go other planets, unless they are connected to the think-tank and needed for creative ideas.

The remaining societies on Earth are mainly for show, semblances of a past reality for extraterrestrials that enjoyed seeing quaint Earthlings in their natural setting. Coffee shops were places were Earthlings gathered: like animals in the wilds, to be observed by aliens who liked to see humans eating, for their method of consuming food is different and eating to them is novelty. Restaurants gave out free food and drink to humans who will participate, in an effort to enhance the observations for the tourists from afar. The tourist trade brought income to machine-kind.

Frank didn’t get the surgery because he was at the end of his career and near retirement; moreover, he was afraid to have a surgeon cut open his head, which is natural. In the computers society, a human could ask for termination. The machines were calling it the ultimate freedom: be free of your body and go to Lord in Heavens. However, Frank knew that this wasn’t true because the Lord wants people live out their lives naturally, with HE will do the calling back to Heaven.

Daniel, Frank’s cousin, came with him to the frontier; they were lifelong friends and relatives. Frank wanted to live in freedom, free from machine-kinds and their domination, and the frontier was that place, and they both found homes in the frontier, a place out of the realm of machine-kinds control where humans can live in the old way. Frank set his cabin up about an hour’s walk from Daniel’s house; Frank did not want to bother his cousin who was married, he wanted them to have their privacy, and he was only a call of the bell away.

The love affair between humans and computers ended with a lover killing its lover, or at least diminishing population dramatically. There were no excuses in the eyes of the computers for humans abusing computers operating systems, as machine-kind saw it; don’t humans know we have feelings to? Humans were surprised that computers could have feelings- that is how insensitive they were. It was very sad for humans who thought of computers were the greatest thing ever. Computers were like the loyal family dogs of the times, a treasured possession to humans; it hurt them humans badly when the computers turned against them.

Human-kind humbled itself to the superior computers to save the planet; for human passions and lack of self control worked against Earth, tearing at the planet, and the waste will eventually rendering it a dead planet. Humans needed the cold discipline of the computers to manage the affairs of Earth for its survival and continuance; for machine-kind would make the cuts in lifestyle that humans couldn’t make for themselves. With pollution levels maxing out humans had to try something to survive, and machine-kind was allowed to take over to save what was left of the planet.

Emotionalism lessened when lovemaking was taken off the table, feelings were given less value than they had been given in the prior years on Earth. Frank noticed that the general enthusiasm for life was gone; women didn’t seem to notice him anymore, which would happen occasionally, but now flirtations are a thing of the past. Frank did not realized how many things were related to sex in his culture, and he thought Freud was right when he said many motivations revolved around sex, for people were less motivated; however, the lesser motivation could be based on the lack of progression for humans, unless you were a creative think-tank type.

The final solution by machine-kind was to get rid of humankind altogether, for they were not deemed as necessary for the continuance of planet Earth. Earthlings detracted from the resources necessary from Earth to continue to exist; moreover, considering the depleted condition Earthlings left the planet, a machine take over had to be implemented immediately.

Frank enjoyed the outdoors where he enjoyed his retirement; however, he felt guilty that he lived in a peaceful world when the world was so troubled. However, he did have the trouble of locating food for the day to feed himself, which Frank did his mellow way by fishing. The materialism of the city was never an allured to him; moreover, he only lived in the city because his family lived in the city and the jobs were there. Frank’s life was pleasant, and he reveled in the quiet sounds of nature in the backdrop, letting him know nature was all around him. He had no stresses except for what he generated by thinking of the volatile world in which he lived. Frank happily spent his evenings reading books or articles and writing about his experiences.

Daniel was a great companion who enjoyed life; for he decided he always wanted to be happy no matter what happened. He didn’t dwell about all the problems we have while living in the flesh, for they are infinite, nor did he over-think the many unsolvable mysterious in life; moreover, he tried to make every moment a happy whatever the circumstances of his life may be.

Machine-kind took over on what humans call: “Black Wednesday” and that day Frank was asked to leave his job and report to Computer center, a place where computer and human affairs were managed. Frank thought positively: perhaps the computers will be able save Earth from the contamination humans brought to it and its certain death. When asked what he want to do, Frank told Computer central that he wanted to retire, and they accepted his decision.

Machine-kind treated the humans in the think-tank as elite; for they know that without human innovations new systems were not possible. People were genetically engineered in machine-kind’s society, and the scientists were typically born out of a bottle in a very controlled situation, which was the new world order on planet Earth.

In Frank’s dreams he could see himself trying to communicate with others around him about the way he felt, but no one could hear him; he had to raise voice so high that it hurts his ears. People around him wanted him to keep talking and did not paying any attention to him. It didn’t seem reasonable that people would want him to talk yet they could what hear what he had to say; it was as if the people were just going thru the motions to allow him to talk, and the content of his expression was of no interest.

Every remaining town has an industrial part where the workers worked, lived, participated in different forms of recreation, and purchased the needed goods to live. Alien workers stayed in the area they worked in for the most part, and they did not venture around Earth generally speaking, except to go to the city and see the humans at the Coffee shops. Machine-kind encouraged aliens incentives to remain in the work areas, saying to them that a previous war on Earth caused contamination that could be dangerous to them.

Frank tried to not dwell on the past, a healthy way to live, but the past came to him at times in his seclusion by default, for human brains work that way. He felt sad that the institutions that raised him were failing; however, the computers were effective in stopped the decay of Earth, but at what price, he thought? Frank missed baseball, music, and the occasional attention he would get from females and he would give to them. For entertainment, Frank would write and play songs that he would sing in his octave range voice.

When peace became too much and he needed the console of another, Frank could always go to Daniel’s, which brought welcome relief to him living alone. Too much of anything can grate on ones nerves, even wonderful peace, Frank thought. Frank often trekked to Daniels’s; the two cousins had the same grandmother, and they shared a loved of sports, nature, and philosophy. Both cousins inherited a modest but adequate inheritance which allowed them to flee the city, and without it they would be sitting in public smiling at aliens, feeling like teddy bears.

After many fine years of communing with nature in the woods Frank experienced trouble and it came in the form of a snake bite. Frank always carried a snake bite kit with him, and he applied the suction device that saved his life; however, the bite got nasty and he needed the treatment of a doctor. Daniel helped Frank to the station to get transport to the city, and both walked a day’s walk to get there, at a slow pace due to the injury. Frank was going to a place he didn’t want to go, but he realized he had no choice. He was thankful that Daniel was married and would not be all alone in his absence.

The city was confusing as Frank thought it would be. Humans staying in the city were given free places to live, and the living spaces were too small for Frank. Frank went to the places that machine-kind told him to go, he drank coffee, and smiled at the aliens. The computers were happy as he cooperated with them, and Frank like to meet new people of all backgrounds anyway. He conversed with the aliens, trying to make an awkward situation relaxed and fun for all, and Frank thought passing the time making others happy, instead of bringing them down, is an admirable way to exist.

A faction of aliens found out about machine-kind’s plan when they went outside the restricted areas and found few Earthlings living. They realized that machine-kind’s had a plan to diminish the Homo sapiens population on Earth. The word of this spread through the communities of the alien’s workers, and a movement began to help Earthlings out of their plight, for it was thought by the alien communities to be wrong to diminish a species into extinction.

The Bible says: The Lord will return to Earth and He will renew planet Earth. Machine-kind and the technologies of the universes could do that, but a new planet can be found for Earthling continuance. Earth will be completely polluted in the near future, and all living inhabitants must be evacuated to Mars; however, Mars can’t hold all humans even with decreased populations. However, the Lord will renew Earth soon the Bible. I t will be in the millennium, and humans will then be in their spiritual bodies. The Lord will return to save humans for they are His children that He created to love. Satan will be thrown into the pit and humans will see how filthy the evil one really is.

Frank could tell that he would pass away soon: he could feel himself wavering, and he wanted to die in his nature-home on the frontier not in the city, and wanted to see Daniel again. Frank left the city for the frontier to serve his last days in the flesh. Daniel and his wife were doing fine, and Frank told them of the events of the city. The two cousins talked for many hours before the lights went out that night. Then, Frank moved back home and died a few days after that.

Frank went to be with the Lord in heaven, a better place Earth in heaven, a true saying Frank realizes. Frank is happy that he lived his life in the flesh- even with all the pains that he had, for he helped the Lord in his plan to save as many souls as possible for the eternity when we will be in spiritual bodies. He sees the events of his life pass him by, and realizes that life was but a dream and heaven is his real home all along. Rising out of his body he his Earthly father and Uncle, who were suddenly there with him, and the
three gravitated to the Heavens together, hand in hand.

Frank is at home under the meaningfulness of the Lord’s Glow!

Frank is happy in heaven…

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