A Memorial Challenge for Marie Josephine Smith R.I.P. - Musketeers Challenge (#81)

a writing by Richard Gildea

(Please note this is not a VN sponsored event)

We Musketeers wish to thank all who have submitted 'takes' on previous Challenge titles during our September interlude from the 'Baton Run'

It is now with great sadness that we pick up the Baton to honour the passing of our dear friend and long time VN Family member, Marie Josephine Smith.

"Love is the only form of socially acceptable insanity"

These words are taken from 'Love Hurts' by Marie Smith (2009)
Dear Marie understood these words more than most.

Even before Marie's arrival on this Earth, her Family had been touched by tragedy (one which will live long in the annals of Maritime history) when her Paternal Grandparents were among the 1,503 poor souls lost on the RMS Titanic in 1912.
It seemed inevitable (and so it proved) that she too would come to know personal tragedy in her own lifetime.

Having lost not only her Husband and Son (and so much more); dear Marie then somehow found the strength and resilience to combat Cancer for a number of years before sadly succumbing to the fight. She had always displayed great love, with no little pride for both her Son and Daughter, a talented actress/writer (we wonder where that comes from) who is now herself a Mother of three.

All of the above plus Marie's own talent for music and writing, has contributed much to her muse.

We Musketeers invite our VN Family to join with us in celebration of dear Marie's life in the only way we know how.
We have highlighted just a few of her poem titles which will form the basis for this Memorial Challenge.
Please submit your 'takes' on each or all; should you wish to choose your own title just click on to Marie's wonderful body of work.
Please note that much of what she has written is quite dark and requires an understanding heart.

1) 'Giving up is not an option'
2) 'To Voices'
3) 'Who do you love'
4) 'Dry me a River'
5) 'Mama Don't Cry'
6) ' Goodbye' by (Marie Smith) July 2017 (Dear Marie's final submission to VN.

Note: It is our intention (The Musketeers) to respond to all submissions to this 'Memorial Challenge' -
Please take the time to browze our dear Marie's back catalogue before the start date which is scheduled for the 7th October 2017.

Our dear friend will live long in the memory of all who were lucky enough to be touched by her life.
Condolences from all VN members are sincerely offered to Marie's loved ones at this time.
May the Good Lord take her into His ever loving care +

Regards from the Musketeers,
Keith, William, Richard & Edwin (Porthos, Athos, Aramis & d’Artagnan)
“Men at Arms” to our Liege Lord, Sir Roy “AFOAOFA”

(Please note this is not a VN sponsored event)

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