About my ex....

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About my ex....his name is paul (no editing names here)....i was with him from 1992 till 2002....and when we split up, "normal" ex-partners usually leave,and not keep hanging around,especially when you dont have kids together....but this one...paul...he just kept hanging around,having my daughter hanging around,still,to this day,(9th oct 2017) in regular contact with my mother....what ever happened to you split up,and there's no more contact,including with my family members....it shits me off most days...and even more so when he comes knocking on my bedroom door between 2-4am!! Just looking for "someone to talk to" he tells me...is that why he doesnt tell his current partner where he's going or what he's doing and with who? Just because she's out slutting around selling herself to other people for drugs (meth/ice)....he comes around to my place,pulling his dick out of his pants,trying to grope me for a feel of my boobs,as i keep pushing away his wondering hands.....he tells me he has had enough of his current partner (lisa) and is going to be kicking her out of his house,but she only goes as far as my daughters house in aldinga beach for a few nights....i dont think paul or lisa know how to live without a partner or someone in their lives....some people just seem to crave the attention,and over exaturate their circumstances and situations...like she only ever tells people how paul physically abuses her,but nothing much gets said about her punching paul in the head while he's passed out drunk on the couch trying to sober up a bit so he can go to work...paul use to be stronger,but now he's weak and pathetic.....i find it funny at times,his living situation,but mostly i find it difficult and frustrating....you can only help those who want the help to begin with,and paul has shown that he wants the help to get lisa to leave,but she has nowhere to go to,nowhere except to my daughters house,where she has 3 kids of her own and a husband to run around after,my daughter doesnt need an extra person to chase around after,and even more so when paul and lisas kid (callum) goes to my daughters house (kristie) for "a sleepover" and ends up having him there for up to 4 nights,and kristie and hubby are on a low income,and they dont get any help with feeding him while he's at kristies house....kristie always buys callum and paul and lisa birthday pressies and christmas pressies,and paul and lisa never give kristie anything for birthdays or christmases or anything like that...it's all one sided and pathetically pathetic...lol.....if ya dont laugh about it,ya gonna end up crying about it....

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