conclussion of A Unicorn for Molly

a writing by Dwayne Leon Rankin

Her mother grew strangely quiet then smiled a sad smile and then said, “Molly, there is another color of horn but the story is a sad one for her. “You see the color is black but it only shows so when something tragic happens to one, and when it does the one who suffers from the pain, well Molly, they might get very depressed and for a Unicorn that is a very sad thing to happen for if they get too depressed then their horn will turn black and something happens to that one Unicorn.”
“But Mommy did something bad happen to someone? And, and, will it happen to Miss Wainwright?”
“No dear, it won’t but, well let me tell you the story ok?
“Ok Mommy.”

“When Miss Wainwright told you about the one born with a golden horn and how that would mean that this unicorn was special, so special as to become the leader of the Unicorns. Well a long time ago there was such a one born that as he grew older, his horn did turn Gold. And he was a fine Unicorn, big and strong and so gentle and wise. He married and then became a father. He was hoping that the child, when she became of age to take her place as a Unicorn that it would be gold as well, but it wasn’t to be. Later he and his wife had another who was a boy. He too did not have a golden horn, but that did not matter because sometimes they turn golden later.

Well 5 years later, there was an accident and his wife was killed. He became so distraught at the loss of his wife that his horn turned Black. The trouble was, he was still the Royal One. And in his sickness he became a tyrant so that the other Unicorns had to get together and put him from the herd. Later it was learned that he had died a sorrowful death after running off a cliff. This great Unicorn was Miss Wainwright’s and James father. Miss Wainwright was now old enough that she became James’ guardian.”

Molly looked over at her mother and saw the tears on her face then running over to her, gave her a big hug and started crying herself.
“I’m sorry Mommy; you must have known him too didn’t you.”
“Yes Sweetheart, I did, He was like a father to me even though he wasn’t really my father. My father had died of a wasting disease when I was not quite an adult and his family took me in. So you see Miss Wainwright is like a sister to me, even though we aren’t related very closely by blood.”
“So then James is like your brother right?” Molly asked with a hint of fear in her voice.
Smiling then her mother answered her saying “oh I had been married to your father by the time he was born so even though I knew him, we were never as close as Annabelle and I were.”
Molly’s mother then looked and secretly smiles for she had detected as soft sigh of relief from her daughter.

About an hour later Miss Wainwright was back with James.
“Well Jimmie, are you ready?” Molly’s mother asked.
Molly grew quiet then wondering why her mother was asking James such a question.
Then glancing over at James, she saw his face was tight with nervousness and that he had his head down, except for when he would quickly glance her way.

Miss Wainwright walked up to Molly and said “Ok Molly, I want you to close your eyes now and think only of one thing; I want you to think of what you would look like as a Unicorn, can you do that?”
Molly quietly said “I’ll try”. She then shut her eyes and pictured herself as a Unicorn pure white like her Mommy with a sliver horn and hooves and a gleaming silver mane and tail, but something was wrong; she couldn’t get the horn to show up. This scared her thinking that maybe she wasn’t a Unicorn after all.
“Somethings wrong” she cried out with a sadly. “What’s wrong Molly” Miss Wainwright asked and Molly sobbing said, “I can’t get the horn to show up, why can’t I?”
“Tell me something Molly, how you are picturing the horn?”
“I’m trying to picture it as a beautiful twisting horn so wonderful and silver just like Mommies.”
Miss Wainwright then laughed softly and gently said “Now Molly, you mustn’t try to force a color to your horn, or a shape, that will be determined by the Laws by which all Unicorns live by and not by our choice. Now try again but don’t think of your horn as any color or with any special twist Ok?”
“Ok Miss Wainwright” Molly answered with a sniffle.
Again Molly shut her eyes and pictured herself not of any color of coat or horn or shape or anything, just as a unicorn, and slowly, so very slowing a picture arose in her mind of a splendid Unicorn. Her coat was not while but more of a soft silver color, and her horn, it was twisted differently than her mother’s; and as for color, she saw that it was gold. Now that can’t be right she thought. Then she looked closer in her mind and saw something else. There was a blue twist going around mixed with the gold. She opened her eyes and started crying again.

Molly looked up at her mother and Miss Wainwright and was surprised to see a look of even more surprise on their faces. And James, well James just stood there with his mouth opened which turned into a wonderful smile. Molly hadn’t ever seen James smile like that before and she thought that it was the most wonderful smile she had ever seen. Then her eyes met his and something happened. A light shown around him and not just any light but one of a golden color and when it faded away, he stood there tall and strong with a Silver coat and, and , she couldn’t believe it; a golden horn was there in the place of the silver bronze horn that he had before.

Molly looked around then not sure what had just happened but something had. Whereas before she had never felt totally complete but now, well now she did.
She then looked to her mother and Miss Wainwright and saw a light spring out engulfing them both and then spread out covering all except for her and James.
Then when the light cleared away, she saw that her mother and Miss Wainwright had both transformed into their Unicorn shape and that surrounding her were hundreds and hundreds more unicorn; some of which were the children that she had met the other night and also so many more that she didn’t know, and full grown ones as well. She could only look upon then with wonder and awe at whatever was happening. Then she saw a magnificent looking Unicorn coming closer. His coat was a light tan and his horn was blue and he had wings so light and clear as to be almost transparent, yet so strong looking. And to make things even more wonderful, she saw that his mane was the same color of her father’s hair. And his eyes, they looked out at her in a way that she instantly knew who it was. And she couldn’t contain herself any more so that she transformed once more into herself as Molly and ran up to him and wrapped her arms around him and laughed and cried all at once. “Daddy, oh Daddy; you are a unicorn, and you have a blue horn, and wings. Daddy, you’re a Pegehorn!!” Then her mother came to her in her human form and took her in her arms and hugged her and whispered to her softly “oh Molly dear, I am so proud of you”.

Finally when Molly could get control of her own self again and look around she saw that all had turned into their human shapes. It was then that she started to recognize some of her neighbors back home; the old couple who lived next door and the young lady who lived across the street. Even the mailman was there. It was then that she burst into tears again. But when she ran to someone, it was James to whom she ran, she didn’t know why, just that she knew she had to, and when she did, another light surrounded them for a moment of time then quickly faded. But when it did it seemed like he was with her inside her head and that she was with him inside is his head as well.

Miss Wainwright came up to them both and hugged them both and Molly heard her say, “A blue twist! That is the rarest of all horns”. She then turned to Molly’s mother and said “You do realize what that means don’t you?” Her mother then said in quiet voice but with a hint of awe in it as well. “Yes, oh my yes” was all she could say.
Molly then turned to her mother in wonder and asked “But what does it mean? Is there something wrong with me?”
“No Molly,” her mother said, “nothing at all, in fact it is quite the opposite. You have a horn that has only been spoken of in legend. A Gold horn with a blue twist is the rarest of horns, it means that you will develop wings as you grown and also be a Pegehorn.” Molly’s eyes grew large in wonder at that and then smiled as she has never smiled before.

Later back home they all sat in the living room and yes, Molly was sitting with James. It seems like the light was some sort of bonding. Oh not like they were married or anything for that was still years away, yet still they were promised or sealed with a special bond letting them each know that they would each never be alone again.

And as they all talked and celebrated, her only thought was that her wishes all had come true, and while no one could ever own a unicorn still she did finally have her Unicorn but never as she expected. Then smiling she looked around at her family knowing that she would never be the same.

The End

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