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Hello, my special friends – My ever loyal Musketeers - Keith (Porthos) William (Athos) Richard (Aramis) and Edwin (d’Artagnan) and Marcia, Pauline, John and Birte, Nancy, Gail, Nishu, Christine, Elizabeth Olesen, Jacinta, Betty, Dwayne, Dr. Prasad, Kenneth, Dale, Alan, Denis and Dowell and Westly et al.
My recent and current state of health, conspires to make any direct email contact very difficult for me, alas!
This brief message comes to you with my love and kindest wishes, because you have long been special people in my life, and I want you to know that you are constantly in my fond thoughts.
I do hope your health is better than mine, that you are able to enjoy happy, peaceful times with family and friends, and that you understand my absence and personal silence is not because I have forgotten you, nor that I don’t think your poetry deserves any mention.
Many thanks for your much valued support, kind comments on poetry I have had posted and your friendship over the past seven-eight years via voicesnet.
I hope for recovery of the better health I enjoyed for almost ninety years.
For now, cheerio from me: your struggling friend – ROY.

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