My response to the Mayors office November 10

a writing by Dale Costello

Mr Cowie,

I find this whole matter incredible and your response the same. You find it regrettable that I did not endure your processes, via the offer to have the matter addressed by Council's independent Disputes Commissioner before taking this action, and yet you have still failed to address that matters that caused me to do so.

I sought out the magistrates court in order to restore my faith in a city i have quickly come to love. I was abused, belittled and branded a liar by your representatives and yet you continue to refer me back to them. I contacted the mayors office, not to have him dismiss this matter, but to instead give him a right of reply to my experiences before I started publishing them.

I also wanted to address the very serious matter of Councils failure to inform even residents of these restrictions and their inability to safeguard the very people this law was intended to protect. Instead his office has taken the path of justifying itself and continuing in the condemnation of innocent residents by its silence.

The matter will be before court next Friday and I am now considering bringing this matter to the attention of the various Current affairs programs.
I feel quite strongly in all of this, especially given that I have still yet to see the sign that informs me of my obligation to a $10 permit nor directs me to council to do so.

I would note also the constant mail I get from Council proffering 'building a better Brisbane' while my experiences indicate no accountability in the effort to do so.

Dale Costello

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