a writing by Kevin Rottweiler

Thanks for your prayers & concern during August through September.

Myself and a family member were evicted from an apartment in August. We had been recovering from injuries and rehab, everything wrong happened at the wrong time (job loss, eviction, health problems, car problems) &living in the car for 2 months. NOW there were a couple hotel stays per week through all this and is much of a blur. The stress was phenomenal, but GOD was there with us, and we made it through. I (kevin) even went on job interviews while living in the car. Taking a sponge bath in a public restroom can be challenging, and you find the right place. HOMELESS IN AMERICA? Yes, it can happen to ANYONE, especially those living paycheck to paycheck, or a health problem. And I went to all the social agencies, & they said "you are above the poverty line (while living in a car?) a taxpayer and college graduate?

Well we found a place and that one worked, for a while and was too expensive, but we had no down payment, but they gave it to us-- now we have another place and working out better.

Want to thank all the Christian help we received: a pastor brought us gas money and gift cards, we go to a food pantry still, and get free food (church); when I lost all my belongings & clothes we got free clothes, and some other items. I also go to a new church and they are nice there.

We had some senior citizens help with food even. So we made it through the storm.

LIFE is not perfect, but we got much help from the Christian and Religious Social Agencies. Salvation Army even paid a $400 electric bill from the past.

Hope all is well with you.
Now I am not a religious fanatic or nut--
but, when I needed help the most
I turned to GOD (of my understanding)
and my HIGHER POWER, helped me
and family member get through some
financial and economic times.
Sincerely, Kevin
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