82nd Challenge – Baton Holders Farewell

a writing by Kenneth Malvyn Clark

Dear fellow writers, once again I would like to thank you for rising to the occasion by either reading or participating in this 82nd challenge with your entries, your poems were once again diverse imaginative creative and eloquent, and as always an absolute pleasure to read and respond to.

Our Musketeers monthly challenge event devised by a band of our fellow poets presents a unique opportunity for new and established poets on this site to come together and get the creative an imaginative juices flowing by interpreting and responding with a writing to a tittle not of their own choosing, at times it can seem daunting and frustrating, but at the same time uniquely enjoyable.

As writers we constantly face challenge with our composition of prose, and nothing is sweeter than when the labours of our poem resonates with fellow poets to illicit a response of kind words and accolade in appreciation for our endeavours, many of you may already have a tittle in mind, don’t waste it, join in the fun by either picking up the baton and challenging your fellow peers, commenting, or by writing a poem to the challenge tittle, no one is here to judge it’s not a contest, only fellow poets ready to applaud and encourage.

Time now to hand back the baton to those gallant hardworking Musketeers to pass on to the next host, whom I am sure whoever that may be will once more stimulate our little grey cells with another tantalising tittle, and I wish them
every success in their endeavour.

My felicitations to you all.
Charles Ogier de Batz de Castlemore, Comte d'Artagnan
aka - Kenneth Malvyn Clark.

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