PLEASE PRAY FOR MOM (86 YEARS OLD) Kevin Rottweiler / author & poet

a writing by Kevin Rottweiler

PLEASE PRAY FOR MOM: she is 86 years old and recently in the hospital for a fall. She is in a long term care facility 2 hours away, and we are praying, she will be here soon, with her family members by the bedside. She will be in a nursing home here, just 5 minutes away, from us. MY PRAYERS: Heavenly Father, please lift up Val, my mom-- and heal her as best you can Lord. I know you have healing in your wings, and you put the sun, up into the sky. Warming our souls, and casting out demons, please cast out the infirmity of dementia (forgetfulness & confusion) in my mother. She has been a little weak, since dad passed away a couple years ago. Heavenly Father, You know the nature of her troubles and only you can correct them, in your timing. IF she goes to Heaven, I am proud you will be her Eternal Father and guide her for all eternity. And I know Your Love, will transport me to Heaven too, someday, for a glorious reunion with my mom. BUT all is good Lord, as she is sitting up in a chair, and eating again & talking to people. She just gets some confusion and needs to know what day of the week it is. Even I cannot remember what day it is anymore, with the stress Lord. Keep her safe upon her two hour ride to the rest of her family members. Make it possible, she can be stronger in YOU Lord. Like the eagle that soars above, YOU give all genuine Lovingkindness to even the sparrows, so we seek Your Healing touch, from your garment, just like in the New Testament Lord, and mom loves the KJV Bible. Her favorite childhood memory, is reading the whole book in one summer. She knows you Lord, and she knows her family, will be near her soon. In Jesus' Name we give You all the fame, fortune and glory, Lord, as you walked upon the moon, way before any man, and your fingerprints, have dusted the earth Lord, AMEN.

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