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my mom got transferred to a place close to where we live, so I can see her everyday at the nursing home. Many years ago, I worked for the same nursing home chain, and is pretty good. She seems to be adapting to it and likes the social part-- as living alone for past 2 years, did not work well. She had some falls and got disoriented, but now a little bit better. Please pray for her continued healing & good care, including her roommate Jenny, that shares a room with her. Good people everywhere, if you give them a chance, thanks, Kevin author / poet. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, to all. I will pray for all you guys & gals too. On an interesting note, I help a homeless shelter with "Virtual Volunteerism" by praying for them and sending cards of encouragement (that I make) for people there. I also do some animal care and library volunteer work. I work part time now, also, after my injury / rehab & got back in getting a paycheck. We had a bad year, but God, helped us get through the financial problems. There is help here on earth & above, in my opinion.

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