Happy 2017 Year End Holidays to you

a writing by VoicesNet News

Dear VoicesNet Members and viewers,

Happy Holidays to you as we end another amazing year in this exciting world of ours!

We appreciate the amazing writers that post their heartfelt works here at VoicesNet.

We are also thankful for the great admin group here at VoicesNet who review everything posted to make sure that it meets our high level of civil site requirements.

Nishu, William, Gail, Nancy, and Marcia are amazing people!!! We all thank you dearly for your efforts!

We also appreciate the amazing viewers who come here daily to read poems and blogs and other types of writings posted here. Currently, between 1000 and 2000 viewer sessions occur here each and every day, on average.

The end of each year always inspires us to wonder where VoicesNet will go in the future and where each of us will end up.

Know that if you are on a down that we are always here for you and that life follows down times with up times. That is the cycle of life that we know.

Keep writing, authors, and keep reading, everybody!

We love all of you. Do something great for someone right now to get going in the right direction or to keep going in that direction.

JJ from The VoicesNet Team

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