Adjusting the second tercet of the poem: "The New Year!" ( Moving through Time!)

a writing by John Starks

As I failed to note the flawed rhyme pattern initially, I, subsequently noting it, made some adjustments to the poem: "The New Year! (Moving In Time).
This sonnet (being of the Italian ilk) necessitates one of several endings. I generally lean towards this pattern: cdc dcd. Each repeating alphabetical symbol relates to a particular sound. For example: In the tercets above (of which there are two) there are 'c' and 'd' rhymes. In this particular poem, the rhyme of 'c' is seen in: support, abort, short; and the rhyme of 'd' in: celebrate, fate, wait. When we put them in their designate patterns, namely, cdc and dcd, we have interlocking rhymes. In this example they are thusly expressed: 'c'=support 'd'=celebrate 'c'=abort. The second tercet is thusly expressed; 'd'=fate 'c'=short 'd'=wait. In linear presentation (as they appear in the poem at the end of the last six lines) they (constituting linear conclusions) look like this:
c) support
d) celebrate
c) abort


d) fate
c) short
d) wait

In my first posting, I inadvertently chose ending words that violated a set pattern which I intended to honor, hence my correction. I'll leave making such an adjustment to a poem (with its attendant risk of damaging the integrity of the poem) to your imagination. I trust that this blog proves helpful.

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