Many NBA Players are bad examples to our youth...especially Draymond Green

a writing by Jeff Humphrey

I like to watch the NBA (American Basketball). The players are amazing athletes and it is a great team game.

I was just reading an article on ESPN about Draymond Green, a player on the Golden State Warriors, complaining about the referees in the league and how they are treating the players bad and making their fool calling personal.

Now keep in mind that this guy Draymond had just been ejected for the second time in recent games because he was in the refs face after they made a call that he didn't agree with. A while back he was ejected for kicking players in their groins. He also had some recent legal action for slapping some Michigan State student in a bar (he went to college at Michigan State). What kind of guy is this?

When I was a kid playing basketball, you were taught to be respectful to the referees and if they made a call you were never to approach them to argue with them.

Somewhere along the way in the NBA, the players have become accustomed to being able to argue every call that they want to. You even see players arguing the most obvious calls.

What kind of example is this to our youth when these professional role models can get in the face of these referees (who make a mere pittance compared to the often millions that these players make) and start griping in their faces.

I am fed up with this juvenile behavior and the league allowing it.

I'm about to quit watching the games if the league continues to allow this cry baby stuff. Just play ball and let the refs do their thing and you have a coach that can talk to the refs if something isn't right any ways.

I just thought I would use the platform to write a rant and clear my chest.

Quit it Draymond and start being a role model for our youth. It is about time. Making millions playing basketball should nudge you to appreciate what you have and get you to want to be a good example to our kids.

I can't imagine what high school and other youth basketball games are like these days if the kids are taking after the NBA players.

NBA, do something about this today!!!

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