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Don’t Tell Me The NHS Is A Hopeless Place “Gaither Vocal Band”

It was just before the entering of Christmas 2017 when sitting at my computer desk within my study at home, the computer decided to breakdown before me. Once managing to look into the problem of having an MOT, it was decided that through the aid of light during the night time hours when remember, my computer would most certainly have been in regular use, in some way the gnats had found their way in so to eat from the food provided. Nothings going to stop us now however, since the coming in of a new year and finding my way into the city so to find in the January sale, the required pieces of technology. To my surprise, even managing to find my way home together with both a new monitor and computer in one go. No problem at all. Again, within a short space of time, technology had advanced to such an extent. Perhaps no mistake at all those gnats helping themselves to what was becoming a simple layout unto so many of; crumbs! Through having to make the move, it was certainly taking effect on my bank balance. £1000.00 so to cover all costs for a period of four years. From where is it the money does come? Well, I would say that if the Lord does so wish for me to proceed, he shall provide.

The finished with pieces of technology now beginning to pile up and forming such a tidy sum in pieces within all parts of the territory. I had a little time to think it over, I had a little time to work it out also through my computer being out of use. One piece of advice I would always have received from my father being to, not throw it out. Spare parts being the answer and the possibility of finding the required spare parts from one computer, so to fix into the body of another.

The words upon a notice board within my study, also over the period of Christmas playing their part; A Clean House Is The Sign Of A Broken Computer. For certainly during that period over Christmas, I had redecorated my house both, down stairs and upstairs too. Painting, cleaning, polishing and positioning whatever I could find. Simply me, being unable to rest for longer than a few minutes, never mind three days. You know, that Nottingham City Care or Hospital even, do they recognize what they have lost? One who simply cannot rest until all faults are found so to be rectified within the given time! You know what it is all hospital staff are urgently in need of at present? The correct style of tune so to keep all in motion until each and every problem has been solved.

Hewlett Packard, again for some strange reason being the name in ways of technology I had fallen for. Once being handed the items that were naturally well protected within boxes, upon the box containing the monitor appeared to me a scene that represented tins of paint. Strange, or had I been guided? Today my study is no doubt appearing so different, and perhaps my eyes can accept the quality of light more comfortably also. As for the quality standard of the keyboard provided, I am not so sure. However, I dread to think how those gnats will take to the change, with spring now being on close approach. What would be the correct way to catch them?

Meanwhile, looking back to the time when Jonah so we read, was cast into the sea, a "great fish" that the Lord had prepared for him, swallowed him up in one. Jonah swallowed by a fish and, not a whale, since we see the Whale this day to be a mammal. So many of us today through ways of curiosity, amazement or even excitement are so anxious to dig more deeply so to discover yet more. Are we taking ourselves yet further off track? Those more or less on the correct track in ways of developments across the earth today, trail on further and further by use from wail after wail from, no not the whip but the next management member of staff in line. Each one of them so eager to view all slaves in whatever state of health, to progress on so to arrive at their planned point or milestone, within the expected time.

Therefore, along with such a heavy, although healthy and never ending sustained sound of a wail from I suppose a wailer in need of oil, would come such damaging faint praise unto any slave, for all a manager could manage, was a further wail. During progress of deliverance unto all workers, a further slash from the whip would have been delivered. Accepted so to acknowledge being caught below that standard catch. Such an out of tune, yet continual melody of wail after wail in the progress of release from within whichever manager may have been on patrol.

Yet, was it the whale or could it have been Jonah on attempt simply by way of a further classic attempt, to remain stable. All so as to conduct on in tune by ways of a sway after sway from left to right, or otherwise I suppose right to left, who knows?

We reach a further question to which the human mind at present is unable to declare or otherwise, deliver a sturdy reply in ways to express in a positive and meaningful manner. “How could a whale or fish swallow a man whole?” Or perhaps, “How could a man survive in such an environment for any length of time?” As always, there are without doubt, through the ways things have worked out during my time gone by, answers to the questions if only we are willing by faith to study and believe that the correct address of words shall be traced so to deliver by mouth, unto the intended flock of folk. For a common statement of words here in Britain at present during this season of winter most certainly is; Catch it, bin it, kill it. Chill well such an outbreak of intruders such as flu. Yet I would suggest, simply keep oneself in strong and healthy physical action throughout such a period of time, watch the time fly so to keep flu out. Certainly by a statement of words read locally; Share it, Care it, Believe it, Achieve it. Certainly do not bin it.

For first, the truth of this story is of such importance to a Christian. Jesus Himself believed it and from it made further use for the doctrine of His resurrection. Matthew 12:40 For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. Yet so many respond with the same statement of words yet again:

“An animal swallowed Jonah live?” In the passage, the Greek word translated "whale" actually means a huge fish or sea monster. In the passage from the book of Jonah, the Hebrew word was the normal word for "fish," but here the word is modified by the word great. Take for example todays NHS computer SystmOne upon which naturally, required patient information from within whatever part of the country, the doctor is meant to be able to retrieve by the simple tap of a button or two. The patient in need of support either whilst away on a holiday or a business enterprise trip, and there is his or her history at hand. Once that is, managing to find a way in past the gate at reception, the required information can be traced within a moment of time.

It had been back in time before the computer system had come into use and patient information would be requested so urgently from the other side of the country, naturally there was no time to waste and by taxi, a member of staff would have had to have travelled so to deliver the required patient history notes safely. A day off work for somebody and to be by the sea I suppose which would have been where such things as sea shanties would have made their way forward. The good old days perhaps or otherwise, the good old ways.

For our modern ways of identification by todays standard of progress, places whales among the mammals, sharks, among the fish and plesiosaurs among the reptiles, but, the Bible uses a different system. 1 Corinthians 15:39 All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds.

So clear to observe from within the NHS today, any living thing other than creeping things, Psalm 104:25 So is this great and wide sea of blue, wherein are things creeping innumerable, both small and great beasts. See, within the seas is placed the sector of "fishes". In addition, there are several species of whale and of sharks alive today with gullets large enough to swallow a man whole. The bible does not say about a woman, yet extinct animals like the plesiosaurs, the same could be said, and perhaps an unknown fish of large size. The point being however that, the story is not impossible. Most importantly, the Bible says that "the Lord had prepared a particular fish to swallow up Jonah."

Jonah 1:17 Now the Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights. Clearly being a miraculous contest of events so to spread the word, and not an expressionistic novel as seen by so many. Therefore, we don’t have to give it an explanation limited by modern experience or knowledge.

Could a man survive in the belly of a fish? The Hebrew idiom "three days and three nights" has been clearly shown both from Scripture and other channel of sources also, to mean a period of time beginning on one day and ending on the day after the one following. It doesn't necessarily mean three full days and nights.

Furthermore, there have been several reported cases of modern sailors or other individuals being swallowed by such an animal, only to be recovered many hours later. But again, this particular level of script involves sources to the performance of a supernatural celebration.

It was at this point when the stage of a sharp and loud bang had been reached. Bubbles did stream forward by force so to escape via the neck of a glass champagne bottle chosen from choice. A scene that had been pictured from the beginning, from the moment of time when the chips were down and the sound of a big bang unto so many had come to pass. Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested. And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.

It may be that Jonah did actually die and was resurrected by God. This is implied in his description of his experience especially Jonah 2:2. Of course, resurrection is "impossible" but it clearly happened on several occasions in Scripture requiring astonishing output, all so as for an amazing miraculous input. To deny the possibility of miracles, especially those mentioned in Scripture, is to deny the existence of God, and naturally, a true Christian believer, has all of his or her faith in the Lord who we know to be our Saviour, and not the NHS management at all.

The point is nothing about the story is totally impossible: There are "fish" large enough to swallow a man; men have been known to survive inside a "fish"; the Bible says it really happened; Christ said Jonah’s experience was an analogy of His own death and resurrection; and God is alive and capable of this challenge.

And through how my own health has had to suffer so it does seem, it had been on a recent visit to my General Practitioners waiting room, when patients through aid of a form were being asked for ideas of a title. My usual response during the days now past being, ‘don’t ask me.’ Yet on this occasion, ‘oh do something, give it a toss.’ Through the NHS today relying so greatly on computer technology, my answer to my surprise was through in a tick with having no tock, even if it was perhaps lacking dignity.

“The worlds a better plaice when it’s upside down. Six, six, six or otherwise, Nine, nine, nine. For Heavens sake let us all get together with the Lord and be as one. Let the great and the small be together with the Lord. And a final warning to all management ah, workers are today much more in tune. For I’m going to sing, he's coming soon; Time is near so get in gear, reach to receive at the required frontier. Care for it, believe it and achieve it too. Don't hold back, drive on no delay, for sure shall reach with no computer at bay.

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