a writing by Emmanuel Ntezeyombi

William Wilberforce: No way
Leonidas: What? What is so remarkable, what do you stare at?
William Wilberforce: A force of nature, I cannot believe it!
Winston Churchill: And so it ends
Marianne: Did you always know?
Winston Churchill: Good shall never surrender, tyranny shall always fall
Marianne: Why?
Winston Churchill: It is.
Wilberforce: But shall they remember?
Marianne: What?
Elinor: The lessons of the past sister.
Saint Benedict: There, is an example of fortitude
Marianne: But what of love?
Leonidas: Love of country dearest is to defend those you love even if giving your life
Stephen: So I died, and our good lord said, “unless a seed falls to the ground and dies it remains alone, but if it dies it bears much fruit”
Wilberforce: And so heroes died, their names called, "Spitfires", to be recalled forever, as at the memorial park in Coventry.
John: Love of neighbour too... together, the allies stood.
Tolkien: Even as Rohan and Gondor stood side by side
C.S. Lewis: And Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy stood together
Winston Churchill: But not for a day, did the light stand, "We shall never surrender".

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