Why I Write Poetry (What Makes Me Tick)

a writing by John Starks

POETRY offers a platform for Artistic-Communication! It is ART and therefore should be immune from censure (such a site as this is obviously excepted, as its scope warrants such, given the inclusion of minors). It, too, qualifies as 'COMMUNICATION' as it is language based and is ostensibly message oriented. In my judgment, it is the king of ART, as it employs the symbols most essential for human understanding, progress, and development. Yet it is Art! As I remember, Hugh Ross Ph.D., astrophysicist, put four areas of human endeavor into the same category. They are Scientist, Prophets, Poets, and the fourth I am still searching for in my memory bank. Poets have long been revered, hence many lay claim to this coveted title. Poet and Sage are judged by many to be the same; such an equation appeals to many. I say I'm one because many have judged me to be that. Yet, to those who say I am not, I make no counter claim. I write on a variety of subjects, but, at heart, I'm an apologist, a defender of the gospel, an enemy to all else. My 'war' is one against 'alien' ideology. Political ideas and political parties are at war. Until humans arrive at some consensus, war must prevail. However, I am not personalizing war. I fight against no man!
I fight but to persuade. I also welcome another's arguments, as he may topple my beliefs should I be not able to adequately defend them. Without a war of words, many would yet believe that the world is flat! Without war, medical science could not advance. Some people, as Wordsworth, would rather be "suckled by a creed outworn" for whatever reasons are deemed sufficiently significant. I understand his point; nonetheless, in the main, I advocate a support of the TRUTH in all areas of life. As I am now a senior man, I am leaving a legacy that supports my agenda. I honor all men who do the same. I wish to offend no man, but I believe that the marketplace of ideas should carry all that can be sold. Only then can we feel comfortable after buying something that seems real, though It, too, may (at some future time) prove inadequate. Should my poetic predilections (given the genre) bore you, you may read poems of another type, or (obviously) altogether refuse to read me. Given a choice, I'd rather be true to myself than revered as a 'poet'. For me, at the end of the day, mission is everything and poetry is close behind! May peace ensue war!


The above quote, namely: "...suckled by a creed outworn" is from William Wordsworth's poem, "The World Is Too Much With Us".

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