85th Musketeers Inspirational Challenge – Baton Handover

a writing by Adam Archer

Well-wishes and much appreciation go to the revered Musketeers – one and all a ‘sui generis’ wordsmith of your own merits; thank you for affording me the title of worthy baton holder.

Thank you, Richard, for your enthused introduction, and special thanks to, William, for directing my transition through this passage. Akin to the Olympic flame our Musketeers perpetuate the spark of the written word through camaraderie. The longevity of this Challenge is owing to their vim and fervour. I thank you for this welcoming proem.

Firstly, accolades most deservedly go to Drsudarsan: 84th Musketeer’s Inspirational Challenger and third-time baton holder, for his esteemed efforts rendering this challenge a tough act to follow for any candidate. He is a winning and accomplished bard, offering his astute and warming critiques on the regular. Critiques which help promote the development and evolution of the writer. He delights in the power of positive poetry, offering cheerful musings. In addition, he remembers the meek with delicate artistry. His fervour begets fervour.

VoicesNet: a plenary gathering of writers, faithfully share at this literary watering hole, at the ready to impart some of life’s triumphs and tragedies and everything in between. Thank you for likewise schooling and humbling me with your own submissions and personalised analysis of my finite contributions. Don’t stop! The experience is as equally thrilling as cathartic.

The VN kinship continues to wholly offer opportunities to writers, readers, thinkers and literary contributors from all faiths and cultures expressive with knowing hearts and poetic everlastings.

Lastly, the title of the 85th Musketeer’s Inspiration Challenge is: “Triumphs and or Tragedies: An inspirational historical figure whose influence is admirable.” Let us transport back in time to commemorate that influential person, or group. Share their craft and or deed which renders them influential and admirable, then and today. Share how this person, or group, lived their daily life. Your figure may be an artist, a composer, a classical poet, a wartime hero, or a loving passed-on family member.

I look forward to learning about your historical figure and, if you will, alter ego. So top up those inkwells and rustle up those feather quills. Happy writing one and all!


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