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Please pray for my mom Val (88 years old). She was in a nursing home since December 15th. She did great, was going to rehab and we visited her everyday. Several days ago she came down with the flu, it hit her like a ton of bricks. She had difficulty breathing at the nursing home and was taken to the ICU cardiac unit. It is a very gruesome sight, she is on a ventilator and cannot breathe on her own, has pneumonia of the left lung and cardiac elevated enzymes, possible heart attack. In the next several days they are taking her off of the breathing tube a little bit at a time to see if she can breathe on her own. They told us to make a decision: to have her taken to a nursing home and be on a ventilator for her time remaining, or pull the plug or go to hospice. They do not know, it is in God's hands. She knew we were there in the Emergency Room, but don't know if she can hear us in the ICU cardiac care unit. We hold her hand and pray many prayers and tell her, we are there. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR VAL. She is a poet, and I have some of her wonderful poetry online, and will be revealing it over the coming days. Whatever happens, is in God's hands. If you have had a family member in intensive care on life support, you know how close God is, in each minute of time. Love you all. Please wash your hands and wear a mask if possible. My mom got the flu by an ordinary event. Someone coughing near her. Please use caution, you could end up very ill or dead. God Bless < Kevin R. poet / author

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