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Honestly I have written on so many topics, ever since I started using a pen and paper for communication but never have I felt 'unholy' or unfit to make a statement on any topic. It is so sensitive that I first hesitated to comment but never the less, my comments or silence prevents not the relevance of the topic. From the time I realized the power of the above I actually made it my sole 2018 resolution, 'improving on the virtues of; Honesty, reliability, trustworthiness when you bring integrity and customer care into play, that completes the basics of success drivers of the 21st century. Times change and everything changes, during our grand fathers' reign, having land was one of the highly profiled must have for rich people, and then came our fathers' generation which for an educated person or someone who worked in government was guaranteed success unless otherwise but now all that is gone( from a general perspective).

We are now here in the 21st century, limited resources(time and money) high competition( from the work place, to those who are doing business), high cost of living (from the basics to the non essentials) high level of innovations and inventions, meaning we have to live up to speed with the changes, the world has to offer. I prefer calling the above virtues not character because virtues unlike character can be tamed. Today in one of my probably longest articles, I want us to break down the above and I believe our lives wont be the same.

Trust in a lay man's language could be the confidence that you might have in someone for actally sticking to the agreed terms.Trust is so relevant in today's era
because of the following.
1-Today's business run on hire purchase, therefore formal or informal agreements without trust can never yield tangible outcomes
2- people with resources might not have the time or the ideas to implement businesses therefore they need to delegate some one to trust and employee on their behalf. I have seen business people whose sole identity and initial capital was trust. Trusted with a few resources, became faithful and as time went by, they got a lot of fortune from the little they were entrusted with. Irrespective of which side you are on, Trusting or being trusted, it is unavoidable in today's mode of transactions. It is therefore up to us to clearly understand the importance of this . The good news is, trust can take you places and the bad news, if on the other side it can really break empires.

There are things that we take for granted but that time seems to have come to a close for those eyeing success at a glance.' Dave what time are you coming?,'Am on my way'' and guess where I would be, in bed sleeping , making attempts to meet the person on the other side of the phone in two hours to come. If you have never done the above, please feel free to throw the first stone. Such simple things, including some one asking you to help out, a friend perhaps and you know you cant but just because you don't want to disappoint you feel its better you tell him/her that .'you will see' when you are sure you will not be able to raise the desired demands of the situations at hand. Such situations create around us a very uncalled for negative brand, and that's when we get phrases like ,' I don't trust your word' which is a very big road closure to the very many offers the person in context could have offered. The 21st century transactions have no time for verification, second or third pilot study, actually most of them sit on honesty of the parties in play.

Arnold a maize produce dealer in Masindi District once received a phone call in my presence. The person on the other side of the phone who was from Busia border, told him to take produce to Busia border because of the market or client he had Identified, he said the price would be at 900shs. Without any hesitation Arnold agreed, and he was given a deposit of 3 millions in 10 minutes. I inquired how he would blindly trust some one or even how someone would blindly trust him with 3 millions, he said,'' here in this business, we rely on each other, the business is swift, the competition is so high and we don't have chances for second thoughts'' I later came to know that the person on the other side of the phone was just a broker who earned a cool 500,000 sh just because his word could be relied on and he was trusted. Lets take a hypothetical analysis that the guy in Busia was actually guessing and lying, how much damage could have Arnold received? That is how sensitive this virtue is in modern transactions,

Customer care.
The ability to attract and maintain your customers is so very important in today's modern world. And customers have different behavioral patterns. In case you did not know, the customer of today has very many options, from where he can get the good or service that you provide to make it worse at the same or even lower price than you offer. It is therefore very fundamental to value this customer because the customer is your small 'god'. We must remember that when a satisfied customer makes a reference for you to another customer and the trend continues, it is more likely for a very sustainable business empire.

Integrity simply means a level below which someone cannot operate. I still believe and I subscribe to a school of thought that everyone of us deserves a set of personal core values. Values that define who you are and what you believe in. in this era where the world seems to offer almost everything. We need to empower our inner man to always remind us that, 'I AM PERMISSIBLE TO EVERYTHING BUT NOT EVERYTHING IS BENEFICIAL'

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