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We have arrived at the 85th Musketeer’s Inspirational Challenge’s last hurrah! As we farewell its title, “Triumphs and or Tragedies: An inspirational historical figure whose influence is admirable”, the reaction must be acknowledged as quite the articulated, ‘coup de maître’, master stroke!

As the first point of departure, a show of profound gratitude requires granting to all collective members whom responded to the Challenge title, and anywise associated. All who participated by means of poesy or critique, I humbly thank you for granting your creativity, and response, respectively.

I researched and educated myself about your public figures to better acquaint myself with the finer details of your write-ups. I am hopeful that I did justice, and respect was bestowed.

It is time to take a retrospective glimpse at the very rewarding, cogitative and talented responses with many thanks! It is clear wherefore, as authors, you have keenly been inspired by their salient deeds; made obvious through your poetic finery. Briefly, what was learned about your subjects is one commonality – the triumphant and tragic hero and heroine is an innately principled individual. Some poems waxed nostalgically on family members, with good reason. Triumphs and or tragedies: the foundation of humanity’s societal mettle of existence.

In addition, I would like to take the liberty of respectfully thanking those whom took the time to read and respond to my introductory poem, “A Heart for Hypatia”, which I have reposted for completeness. My poem recognizes the human constituent apropos to triumphant living, baited by tragic ending.

To finish, from its inception to present day, the Musketeer’s Inspirational Challenge has experienced an assemblage of literary celebration. Distinctive thanks go to William, for directing me along this ceremonious trajectory. A spirited thank you goes to the Musketeers for this literary constant, and for their support. Thank you for entrusting the baton in my hands for the first time. Special thanks to Keith Lumbard for his original ingenuitive idea. Much gratitude goes to Jeffery and his team. Thank you, Sirs, and Ma’ams.

As the closing commentary toward our dedicatory salute to history draws nearer, an old proverb springs to mind: “All would live long, but none would be old”. Personally, the entire experience was quite a literary Mount Parnassus: home of the muses! So thank you all for the enlightenment!


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