The 86th Musketeers' Inspirational Challenge Title

a writing by John Starks

Dear VN Family,
Firstly, I want to thank the Musketeers for entrusting this responsibility of leadership to me. Also, I want to celebrate Adam Archer's tremendous leadership and superb critical interplay with the greatest cadre of poets on planet earth (IMHO). I also wish to thank Mr. Richard Gildea for his kind introduction and remarks which, if hyperbolic, give me a 'challenge' that will keep me striving for many years to come. I must mention SIR ROY KNEALE who is a profound person and poet, for he has inspired me to continue as best I can to move forward in a field of endeavor fraught with great difficulty. I, as many or you, am greatly indebted to him. I could go on nearly indefinitely. Suffice it to say, we may have a super great time. We may 'PARTY' in the ART of poetics.
Keep the same level of excellence as you did with Adam, as I could give too much detail in my comments. Be eager, ready, and on it. Let our growth be evident. I believe that outsiders tune in to see your skills, as they are on display under this mild and pleasant duress. The 86th Musketeer Challenge Title is 'THE RHYTHM OF LIFE'. Get cracking!, as I am looking forward to reading and responding to your beautiful poetic offerings. Sincerely, Your fellow poet and servant, John Starks (Lets rock)

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