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I Saw A Bee – Could Be A Message – Series B

A winter season has now gone so to bring, departure of disorder and delightful scenes of spring. Perhaps a summer doze beneath a cherry plum to some, yet unto others their work has no doubt begun. A dawn chorus of birdsong with such a sound so skilled, with a sure sound a spring with full voice does build. Hello to the start of warmer days do arrive, unto all landscaped gardens, scenes of colour does revive. Coastlines or areas of countryside too, a caution of care does find a reliable way through. Even by aid from buzzing bees, to wandering lambs in the scents of the breeze. A selected time of such a spring so as to bring, a wonderer or walk so to welcome it in. Within a valley and among trees blossoming through, with their ornamental consequence of cherries so to chew. One of so many have their fruit to mature, whilst out within signs of spring so galore. Scenes of all creatures great yet so small, with new born lambs on their course approved to all. Each lamb does arise upon unsteady limbs, unto there we have it, such signs of such springs. Both on the farms and in fields also, across the country further scenes do now glow. Together with a breeze blowing blossom as snow, down to the ground where all spreads unto. A variety of flowers on offer now in spring, is so irresistible for a bee to so cling. Out on the loose and in search for his nectar, all through aid of such a gifted detector. A search by a swerve and also a sway, until finally through pollen finding his way. Bright coloured blooms of developed daffodils, or bluebell woods formed by natures sneaky skills. So much in the early part of the new season, the sound of the buzz having its reliable reason. They practice and pollinate the bloom of pleasant plants, through deliverance of their divine gathered grants. So as for seeds with their scenes to so spring, together with the fruit that flowers do so bring. A scene of a bee and you all do buzz off, you’re as bad as that management; lay off, lay off. Why are you so frightened, you of little faith?

It takes me back to my years within the NHS when believe it or not, the most common statement of words brought forth with demand unto either the manager or supervisor would have been, “buzz off!”

You see, workers were without doubt employed so as to get on with their work, whilst the management would have spent such a reasonable percent of their time, appearing as if on attempt after attempt, to nose in unto a worker. Either the manager or supervisor both I hasten to add being female, were appearing on approach yet again, and again as if being after a further supply of such a valuable nectar, or else perhaps pollen from an individual worker. All through having the intention so as to multiply their own payoff or honour, and not pay unto the true workers. That positive statement of words from a worker, would have been stated time after time, yet it did so seem; it did not reach the earlobes or beyond of the management sector. Each worker would have made their attempt to get the message through to whichever member it may have been time after time; “your tribe can only manage to sit on the thrown, you do not have the ability to progress so as to plow on like workers.”

The management it was so clear to observe through my own period of experience progressing on upon my feet, had no knowledge at all from their time of the years gone by and yet again, an attempt from a manager would have been made, very much to myself as if listening to a message from a person who had lost that necessary mastered command of the plough or otherwise big dipper. The positive response of a management member therefore behaving as; a big dripper out of control eh!

However, through the season of spring now stepping in, I am so much hoping that the scenes in my own garden this year do improve immensely during spring. The only reason I am able to bring to mind the scenes as they appear at present, and being so depressing unto myself, is because I suppose during the past so many years I would have had so little time to have that morning stroll out within the opening season, when so much in ways of nature would be beginning to show life again. The period of late autumn and winter, being whilst so much of the English garden and surrounding scenes of nature, are relaxing so as to be ready to bring life in for the following spring. Perhaps the very comment from such scenes of nature at such a time of year, representing those of workers unto their management; “Buzz off!” We ourselves naturally, cannot live the life so to understand such nature never mind another person.

Scenes meanwhile have been entering the mind recently for further improvements unto to the design of the garden in a variety of ways. Perhaps representing how my style of poetry today, I believe I can say, shows further signs of improvement. My main intention back in the garden meanwhile, being to bring in yet more scenes from areas such as those in Italy, Greece or Israel. The area of the globe I would so much one day, enjoy a visit. As I was being informed; think positive! I was actually informing my next door neighbour recently, only a few days back in-fact of how so very soon upon my front drive; there shall be parked a first class Bentley. I can certainly state that it is of no value at all to only think of what one’s achievements might be, remembering that nothing at all is impossible by the power of God should such an item be of value in ways of His use unto His decided on folk. If a person is ready to help the Lord, then He shall certainly be ready to help that person! For the work of a man shall he render unto him, and cause every man to find according to his ways.

Then perhaps maybe not such a particular scene as a Bentley for myself for naturally, I would be chauffeured. Very much I would say as it does so appear, from where is it that the words I speak are being delivered? As for my longing of a visit unto one if not two or more of the mentioned countries, then get on and develop the decided on scenes within my garden and by aid of a landscape drawing drawn to plan. Improvements unto the paving, small fruit trees, each of which would develop further through time within the chosen correct sized garden urns. My grape vine this day, is now well developed and producing each year. My mount of olive branches again from large pots positioned within a further section of the landscape, are still progressing well whilst another region plays it part for a walk in the wilderness.

You know, it has been following our recent weather forecast over here in Great Britain, together with that beast from the east, or today that pest from the west, what does it bring unto my mind through aid of my Saviour Jesus not being at hand but within; The Nottingham University Hospital or otherwise; The Queens Medical Centre.

East Wing, West Wing, South Wing and North Wing. Yes that pest from the west, or that beast from the east, or that nut from the north or that; shall we say soul from the south! I was looking south into my garden the other day, unto a shining sunlight that I almost had to shut off, together with such signs of spring. It was as I studied more deeply into the design of the years now gone by, what came to mind for further development unto my garden was, that’s it; north wing, west wing, south wing and east wing!

Over to the east appeared the mount of olives. Over to the west, appeared the developed grape vine. Over to the south an area so as to be lost in the wilderness and well, within the house today so freshly painted and decorated appearing as if by the sea of Galilee. All those folk who could not imagine, never mind see me making progress in ways of accuracy over the previous decade inparticular, well; what else would be stated unto each one of them but the words upon that sea. “Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

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