Early Spring Daydreaming.

a writing by Denis Barter

More snow having fallen overnight, meant I had to spend some tiring hours clearing paths, and surrounds. After manually shovelling for several hours,.I was feeling tired, and drained of energy, so thought to sit awhile and relax. As I did so, I drifted into a daydream, that took me to a place that in my youth, I had known well. Though many years had passed, it was most familiar to me, being where I was born. The small Dorset hamlet of Chebbard where memories were made, which today, are most fondly recalled. Though it’s far, from where I reside today, I oft recall - in vivid detail, events, people and times long past. Furthermore, at such relaxing moments, I allow myself to drift haphazardly back to that earlier time, which today, possesses many poignant moments for me. Being a world far removed from today’s, it brings solace to my aging years, as it allows me to forget my fears for the future. Not only mine, but mankind in general.

I had thought the Dirty Thirties - barely remembered from my early days of exploration, that was a time when I took my first tentative steps, and made for some uneasy times for many. However, when I look at the world today, there seems to be an even bigger disaster looming unless there’s less rhetoric, and more positive thought and action taken by the ‘supposedly’ Super Power leaders. Too much posturing and vying for attention and personal adulation, with very little thought for the chaotic situation we see world wide today! None seem to give a hang for what their actions might cause. Few, if any, have alleviated the suffering of so many, in so many parts of the world! Being egoistical to the nth degree!

As the fog of daydreaming, slowly began to clear from my brain, the reality of the moment began to re-impose, and I concentrated on what I personally, should be doing, and not on happenings that took place long ago. Even though there was some urgency to my thoughts which concerned me. When younger, I sought ways and means whereby I could perhaps, persuade those in power, to set about changing matters for the better. Today however, being of an older age, I must admit I often leave the matter of action to others!

Although I do express my dislike of political posturing in no uncertain terms, being outspoken in my manner, except for speaking with friends, I seldom make public my thoughts. Of course, the one action at my disposal today, is on Election Day. A time when I can vote for someone I consider possesses a more practical and pragmatic approach, that is more to my thinking. I often read of folks who say that by withholding their vote, they express their opinions, but I feel it is far more effective to vote for a candidate - even if they fail to get elected - that at least pays lip service to my opinion, than to withhold your vote! I also take into account - before voting - the past records of both the candidate - be they female or male - and the Party they represent, knowing full well, that whomsoever it might be, that is elected, has to abide by Party rules and decisions, or be regarded as a renegade, and lose the various privileges The Political Party accords them! Few, as far as I know, have been found ‘gutsy’ enough to take a different path! More’s the pity.

With another Ontario Election upcoming on June 7th, perhaps many would-be, accepted candidates would be well advised, to consider their true feelings, before presenting themselves to the electorate, for election as a Party Representative.

Rhymer. April 4th, 2018.

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