Notes on Closing Out The 86th Challenge Poem: "The Rhythm of Life"

a writing by John Starks

I Thank all the participants for the fine showing of poetic talent. You have done an excellent and beautiful job. I enjoyed reading and responding to the grand work displayed for all the world to see. I believe that our appreciation of this experience is heightened in the wake of JJ's passing. As we are dealing with and planning to express ourselves in relation to his departure and all that that implies (particularly to his family, friends, and ourselves, also) let us be thankful for his vision and indefatigable commitment to that which has brought us a sense of community (in a fractured and troubled world) and an outlet for our hearts and souls, also. Let us give to his family the love and kindness that proves at least equivalent to all that JJ gave to those for whom he so graciously provided. Thank you again for your participation. Warmest regards dear friends. John

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