Woman!! Dare you rant!!

a writing by Anjani George

Hard pressed we feel and rushed off our feet
Weary and tired and sometimes cold at heart
For years we’ve toiled, braving it all
The sun, the rain, the dust, the time
Strived hard we have, facing it all for so many years
From fits of rage to criticism, scorn and sarcasm
Sometimes we’ve burst out too
When things go out of control
When we work, it’s with a full heart
And all we expect is some consideration
It’s fine for all when there are no complaints
No one bothers of the hardships we face
We need to listen to the travails of others
And find solutions to make others happy
But even a slight mention of the worst to us
And everyone gets irritated and matter totally ignored
So what do we do, but discuss among ourselves and rant
At how bad the roads are how long it takes to get to work
The rush to get back home to finish piled up housework
How tiring office work is and how much we suffer
From hyperthyroid, regular periods and PCODs , spondylosis and long sight
Migraines, back aches, cholesterol and rising blood pressures
Stressed out, under paid and over worked most of the time
With no one else to listen to our wail, we thrash it amidst ourselves
This isn’t gossip, but rather an inexpensive stress buster
For those who haven’t money for other means of entertainment
There’s a lot of talk of up-liftment and equality
But ultimately it’s all nothing but a big fat blah blah!
No longer a batch of young and energetic freshers
Or a group of well to do ladies out for some time pass
We are a bunch of serious middle aged working women
Out, to make the best living for our families
So watch it when you mess with us
Be glad, we’ve decided to let go a lot that have hurt us

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