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a writing by Ayesha abid

I sometimes wonder that people around us connect our responsibilities and behavior with our age. For me age is just a number or maybe a complete circular round in this world that’s for count. Being a person, human being and especially a girl sort of cute one lol! :D Is pretty different and altogether difficult. My association of thoughts and actions are quite immature which I consider it as unchangeable, and to synchronize with the pace of mature world makes it really hard for me to survive. I really like to swing while giggling with the flashes of cool air and circling my motion slowly with the twist of rope. I really want to fly faster than the speed of rain as to feel the life and myself. I still play with the small perks that call me by my name instead of ‘api’ and they really don’t consider me elder because I understand their joy because that’s still my choice. I fight with my youngest brother with the full zeal and feel no shame because I still fight for the love of my parents that bounces back in the form of volcanic scold. People call these things as childish but for me these are the aspects that make me what I am.
At my age people have crushes, they like to have dates and they want to be in relationships. They really like to hang out and do lots of shopping, shout at the concerts and always ready for adventures and trip diaries. But for me these things are a sort of headaches that extent towards the crowded life. Although I sometimes want to do these things but I never had a need of it. Even to reply fast is a sort of to do list task for me. people aim to go out of countries but my emotional bond is linked with my parents and family. Though I don’t have any best friend with whom I can share everything and it really impacts me like hell but unfortunately I never found one that can fit into my nutshell. Even I never went out alone to do shopping and still depend on mama which sometimes really sucks!! But to be with her even I fight a lot, get angry bird and frustrate like a monster creates a feel that I have them and I really want them.
There are somethings in life that are natural and that have a charismatic attraction, it only comes in a way for me when that sort of thing has affection and that causes a significance difference in life. Although I talk a lot but it only varies for a single or double person existing for some reason in my life. Because of me I really get emotionally and physically weak but there is one thing in my heart that always triggers a lighting hope and a promise for myself that is my Creator. This believe always makes me stronger and more protected.
Love Ayesha ??

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