A 'Memorial Challenge' to Honour the Life of Jeff (JJ) Humphrey R.I.P.

a writing by Richard Gildea

Dear Friends,
We are sure many members are still in shock at the sad demise of VN's founder/creator 'JJ' - a man who will never be forgotten by anyone who has ever logged on to this wonderful site.

He has left a legacy beyond compare (on social media) by bringing people together through the power of the written word.
Just about every nation on Earth has at sometime been represented by like minded Souls who have submitted their work for review and comment.

Perhaps 'JJ' envisaged the possibility of social interaction between peoples as a direct result of his initial idea; that we have also become a 'VN Family' is due entirely to the way both he and his beloved moderators have consistently monitored the site and kept it safe (for all).

Make no mistake, VN is a breath of fresh air on the 'World Wide Web'.

We Musketeers could go on forever; however it is now time to remember 'JJ' in the way we know best, through our Poetry.
No single individual will be carrying the 'Baton' for the duration of this 'Run'
We would hope VN members will join in by adding their personal comments to all work submitted.

It is also hoped JJ's Family and friends will come to know just how much he was loved and appreciated.
He has added so much to our lives.

There is no set format to adhere to (just say what's in your heart).

God Bless All,

'The Musketeers' /|\

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