88th Musketeers Inspirational Title Challenge

a writing by Roche Igot Rosos

88th Musketeer's Inspirational Challenge

Greetings of Peace and Love to All my VN Family, Hope everyone is doing well.

I would like to raise my hands and salute to everyone who share their respect to our beloved VN Founder & Creator Sir Jj, for participating the 87th Title Challenge which was dedicate for all his efforts & hard work to help us poet's widen our talent and dreams as a poet's,
it was been a deepest moment for all of us, yet by your inspirational words, it gives comfort to sir Jj's family and we his VN family as well. Let us move ahead with smile and happy heart knowing that Sir Jj is safe in God's hands now. I pay tribute to the man behind VN site Sir Jj. Let's move ahead and make a new memories as one family.

I would like to thank sir William Willis as well, a man of inspirations, with very heartful and meaningful words in every pieces of his work, the man behind who entrusted me to lead the 88th Musketeer's Challenge in behalf of the team Musketeer's, thank you very much , this one of a kind memory will forever be remembered, thank you for all your assistance assisting every poet's here. I, we as a VN member will do my/our best to stand still supporting this site.

Lately or the past months of our lives, we experience downfalls, or some of us became successful, some of us remain calm, some of us went into difficult situations, in all I think everyone needs a friend or family to share with, through good times & bad times to surpass whatever the challenges will be. I believe that there are good reasons behind in every
circumstances, let us continue to pray for one another, pray for your family, friends, pray for the world.

Without a further a though, our 88th Musketeers Inspirational Title Challenge will be
"My beloved one, who lend me his/her hands".

*Think of someone who have been there for you when you needed someone to hold on, to talk to, to laugh with or to cry with, this someone had open your life into a new beginning with hopes that everything will be alright ahead.

Tell us your stories, let everyone knows how proud you are having that person in your life.
Good luck everyone, keep on penning, let's get going. God bless us all!

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