GONE FOR A ROUND "Therefore The Redeemed of the Lord Shall Return"

a writing by James Stephen Thompson

Gone For A Round "Therefore The Redeemed of the Lord Shall Return"

And the CityCare management in only the second round, has been knocked to the floor yet again by the heavyweight workers. All through aid of such an impressive display of specified skill and precise precision through such thoroughness, all being delivered by all workers from the very start of the fight. Yes, an opponent manager during only the second round of attempting to box so to reach for an intended record, being knocked to the floor in an almost unconscious state of mind. Meanwhile scenes do now show her body crumbling and her mind in an untruthful state of mentality, as the referee brings willingness of a further challenge from the opponent, to a finish.

It does however, appear as if she intends to refuse defeat by the referees decided on decision as she, yes intends to make haste by appearance of her rear rising yet higher, to scramble up back onto her feet and hold that necessary required heavy balance. Scenes of a stern appearance sure do shine as determination is brought about to struggle so to someway and somehow, sometime hopefully find a way of rising up back onto her feet. All so clear to observe, being so as for hope of her battered mind to take over to over-shine the battered rear. Yet yes, her attempt has failed, she collapses back to her prompt position upon the canvas. The referee meanwhile again steps in so to call the fight to a close.

The winning worker stated during his interview; “I worked on my right hand over Christmas. It was a boxing masterclass sending her boss-eyed before delivering a right fist between, all so to so simply knock her unconscious.”

Fierce demonstrations of fury meanwhile from the management sector, yet again were brought in through shame of the working sector managing to accomplish their ambition upon a particular curt from the beginning. They all so simply stated that they had decided through observation that, through progress of fighting, they had the eagerness to get her yet more boss-eyed. All being so as to enable to strike within area of the frame, for none of the crew could fail. That would be until the sound of the bell draws in.

Workers belts through achievements of the years now gone by, it was plain to understand were now building up in number. Whereas, all remaining managerial members through tasks introduced so to achieve, were now found to be on their regular round of having need to pull their throttle out yet more. Otherwise duck for defence to hopefully, prevent being boxed in yet more deeply. Those who had been boxed meanwhile, were now viewed as being secure as they lay upon the canvas within what now appeared, a well-sealed coffin.

For: Switching from a muscular athletic style of build, we now move onto the new Computer that does so appear chilled. Advice of guidance and commands act upon, follow instructions knock on and so also keep on. Trigger the ignition to ignite and come on, yet through use of technology that thing seems to have gone. The computer system continue act on, yet most common complaint is it’s boss-eyed and so done. Attempts to so solve so to shine gaffers dwell on, act on and add on so to perhaps see it catch on. No sign of a light so therefore has the geezer gone, for without doubt the light should now have shone. Where have the boxes gone come drag them on, we cannot continue without energy, call on. Boxes brought forth folk are instructed go on, search and search on for what piece we missed and has gone. All gaffers do search on and on, yet all is removed and there’s no bit to add on. Remember; we have all stumbled in so many ways now gone, yet we are not perfect so come on, come on. Think what it is that we all need to dwell on, Our Saviour Jesus remember sure has won! We apply all the bits and pieces to act on, it relates to that book where the light had shone. You know; that one that we need to rely on, a pint of stout so as for strength so as to run!

Gone For A Round!

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