Musketeer Challenge #89. June 2018.

a writing by Denis Barter

Thank You Richard and your Fellow Musketeers for the honour you bestow on me - yet again! Just a little surprised!

Hello One and All.

Be you Poet, Rapper, Balladeer, Free Verse Specialist, or merely someone who tells a story, I would like all to know, I am most honoured to be asked to take the Baton yet again!~But firstly a little preamble before I set the theme, and to illuminate as to how my mind has been working of late. Hoping to inspire all to share a little of their life. To this end, my thought has been to see how I might inspire the Muse within Member(s), and to entertain the Membership during the month of June, 2018.

In Life we garner many memories. Some good, some bad, some life changing.
Without a doubt, they record times that left an indelible mark on us. Reminding us of
something that influenced our life - in a way not always expected perhaps? It might have been a person, a place, an event, an unexpected meeting - doubtless there are a thousand and one possibilities!

So for this month’s Challenge, I would like to hear of the “Memory” which forever changed you at some point in your life. Perhaps a Memory of a loved one: an unexpected helping hand. A surprising moment of an occasion when someone “Paid Forward”. A chance meeting with a stranger that left you completely nonplussed but grateful?. The possibilities are endless. But, I’m quite sure, members need no ideas nor instruction from me. This Challenge is truly, “A No Holds Barred” possibility for you to let readers know of your most treasured Memory (ies)!

So without further ado, my Challenge to all Musketeers, is to offer an open invitation to you, to write on the “Memory> or “Memories”, you feel, played an important - even “life changing” perhaps? part in your life. A simple theme maybe, but possessed of many possibilities!

The title for ease of identification (makes life easier for me Lol!) Covers all entries.

Ergo: The Theme and Title -------- “A cherished memory I would share with you.”

Looking forward to some stellar and heartfelt offerings. Ciao for now. Rhymer aka Denis Barter.

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