Beyond the open gate: chapter 6 Macrackin's story

a writing by Dwayne Leon Rankin

Chapter Six: Macrackin’s Story

After a few minutes Sean looked up at Aishling and said, “Can I ask you something? Something about Macrackin, um Galandar that is?”
The Queen gave a quizzical look and said, “Is it about the way he looks?”
“Yes, why does he look so different from all the other Fairies?”
“Are you asking why he isn’t as beautiful or handsome as others?”
Sean looked down somewhat embarrassed. “Ya, I guess; I don’t mean to be rude but... well... there isn’t anyone else like him at all; why is that?”
Now it was Aishling’s turn to look down embarrassed.
“Sean, there were many things that my mother changed when she was Queen. And it was those things that have made her so popular and loved and still so hated by many throughout the Fairy world; for there are some who are very unhappy about those changes that she made.

Many years ago; so many that its origins have been lost in time, there was a certain amount of pride among our people, and not just us but the Pixies (though not as much) and the Nyiefair. Many think that the origin could be found in those Nyiefair; for their beauty has always been great, and their wisdom even greater, most things, but in this once thing that I am about to tell you of, it was not.
Now almost most of the children born to our groups have been unmarred by any unsightly blemishes... but the few that were born... less than perfect in appearance ...” again she looked down, and then taking a deep breath, she continued... “... but those very few seen as tainted by some imperfect attribute, they were taken and exchanged; yes, traded for those in your world thought to be beautiful. Those who were seen as such were taken from their cribs and replaced by those born here who were considered to not be worthy just because of their appearance. Those miss formed fairy children left were called Changelings. Galandar was one of those. His mother was distraught by the sight of him that she sought to exchange him with a healthy and strong human child of great beauty; but Grandmother found out about it and stopped the exchange saying that it was wrong to inflict the humans with such a child who would their fairy magic, and being untrained on how to control it, would wreak havoc on the family and community that they were placed in. They would most likely end up being shunned by the community that had been unwittingly left with.
When the mother of the child said that she would not accept such a child back into her home, my grandmother took him into her household and then forbade this practice from ever being carried out again. My mother was only about 4 at the time. They grew up together. She, my mother did not understand what the problem was, for such an outlook does not come naturally but is a learned idea. Eventually the clan came to see him as a remarkable young fairy, despite the difference in how he looked; and even came accept him as a valued person of great wisdom and character with an inner beauty that out shone is outer appearance. He has since then showed his worth many times over to the great benefit of all in this Fairy world of ours.”
Sean sat there dumbfounded by this revelation about his friend.
“I haven’t ever thought of him as ugly or deformed. Yes, at first I thought he was funny looking, but that was partly because of his dress and his clownish way of talking and doing things.”
Aishling chuckled at this. “Yes, he has always played what you would call the “clown”. The younger children have adored him, always looking toward him as someone they loved and trusted. But like I said earlier, there are those who have been opposed to him being allowed to stay among us. But my grandmother, and my mother both have been adamant about him being an important part of our family.”
“You do love him don’t you, I can see it in your face as you speak of him”.
“Yes I do, he is truly my brother, my Cara, as you have heard me call him at times; and I see in your face, your admiration and caring for him as well young Sean.”
“Ya, I guess I do” Sean said with a smile on his face.
“But where did the name of Macrackin come from? I mean if his name is Galandar, and how did he come up with the name of Macrackin?”
Aishling smiled as she recalled her childhood spent with him.
“It was not a name given to him in spite of with evil intent but as a term of endearment mainly by the children, and yes, even me for it refers to his antics and the humor he carried with him always and his love for telling stories. So it was that everyone started using that, as a nickname and back then and it stuck with him. Unfortunately some who were so opposed to him being allowed to stay, used it as a barb against him; but mostly by us, it is used as a term of affection. He’s had that way of making others smile; even in the saddest of times. I personally look back now to when we were so young, that he used his actions to cover up his feeling of inadequacy. He is over that now... for the most part anyway; but still, some will say things to him that will bring those feelings back. Not t many of of us here thankfully, but the Nyiefair who put so much store in their appearance; they can be quite cruel. I don’t think that they realize it but still it bothers him. He looks up to them so much because of their wisdom and grace.”

It wasn’t long after they finished speaking that Macrackin walked in.
“Well dat settles dat oi guess. Dem folk jist tink themselves too juicy ter chucker any work at al'. Dey be asayin’ it wus up ter us seein' 'oy we caused de problem in de first place by changin' de laws.”
“Which ones say this Galandar? Which one, I want a word with whomever said that.”
“Oi doin't rightly nu, they seem ter al' luk alike ter me. Day really mean tis me fault.” Macrackin said aloud.
“But why your fault Macrackin? You certainly didn’t’ take it yourself and from what I’ve heard, you was barely a little boy at the time”.
“Day be asayin' oi shouldn't 'av been born.” He retorted.
“Nonsense; total rubbish I say” The Queen said sounding angrier than Sean ever heard anyone before.
“But if that was true, where would I be right now? And what hope would they have also if you weren’t. I don’t know who took that Stone but we’re going to get it back!” Sean said with some vehemence in his voice. Never had he been so angry before in his life.
Macrackin gave him a look, and then turned to the Queen.
“So whose been blatherin' aboyt things ter 'imself” he said giving a pointed look toward the Queen.
“If you must know’ Sean blurted out, “It wasn’t your sister, it was Aislinn, her daughter who told me of the stone being taken and that you may know who it is... and that somehow I have a part to play in it. Well I say, lets show those ungrateful Nyiefair what for and prove just how much you are worth!
“Sean, just remember, not all the Nyiefair act that way, but a small vocal minority” said the Queen quietly.
“Aye, an' is dat al' she towl yer?”
Oh no, Sean thought, the gig is up. Sean then took a hold of himself and said “No, she told me that you mislead me by making me think that you didn’t know who I was and how you knew who my parents are! You lied to me”.
Macrackin stepped back at this and shook his head. Then looking at Aishling and shaking his head, just stood there in frustration.
“Galandar, I told you that it might have been better to be upfront with him. He is too smart to try to fool.”
Macrackin, shook his head one more time then slumped his shoulders and turning to Sean, said “You're roi, oi shud 'av trusted yer more, Ah've been a eejit for al' dat every wan tinks aboyt me. well let me apologize nigh ter yer laddie, naw, not laddie, yer naw more be a laddie nigh, yer be grown, yer are Sean ter me from nigh on.”
”And you are no more ‘Macrackin’ to me” Sean said, “You are Galandar”.
“Ney, yet me alwus be Macrackin ter yer Sean, it 'ill 'elp me ter keep me noggin on straight”.
Laughing then, they both shook hands in agreement.
It was at this time that Sean really started to put his faith in Macrackin and the Queen.
He just hoped that his faith was not misplaces.


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