89th Challenge - Closure. Personal Comments.

a writing by Denis Barter

It was my intention and hope, quickly fulfilled, that my Challenge for June would give members an opportunity to share their favourite and much cherished memories with VN Members. Whether they were sad, joyful or merely a notable moment in their lives which had been truly treasured by them. And so it has proven, as a goodly number of members, have allowed us the privilege of sharing moments they value as cherished and worthy memories. This resalted in some poetic offerings with - as I had expected - some surprising and entertaining results.

For those members who took part in this 89th Challenge, I say Thank You for your participation, for it has allowed the membership the honour and privilege of peeking into their lives, and knowing of events and episodes that others treasure. It has also allowed others to understand what has affected their lives, in ways, we may not have anticipated. Obviously, as I had expected, the older the poet, the more varied were the memories recalled! Such precious memories shared with Members, allowed an insight into the events and occasions that affected and played an important part in their lives. Whether we are consciously aware of the effect memories have upon us even today? many years later, they often exert their influence upon us. Such are often subconsciously uppermost in directing our thoughts and actions as we go about our daily chores. Memories of an infinite variety - as was seen in the numerous offerings - can cover a wide range of time periods, events and people, which are enjoyed whenever circumstances dictate.

My sincere thanks to all who shared their “Memories” with us. Now comes the time for me to hand over the baton. It’s been an honour and privilege to have been entrusted with the Musketeer baton, during the month of June. A month that has kept me hopping, because of my garden: the extremely hot weather, and my need to consider everything that was posted for my Challenge.

Doubtless many of you will be eagerly anticipating the arrival of the 90th Baton Holder, along with the details of their Challenge, when their tenure begins tomorrow? Rumour has it that a person held in the highest esteem, who has been a long time favoured and honoured Member of VN will be “In the Chair” wielding same, when their name is revealed shortly. If the ‘hearsay rumour’ is correct? then doubtless, VN Members are in for an especial treat! It is my hope that the 90th Challenge, ignites the imagination and passion of Members, resulting in reams of entertaining and exciting poetry, that all can appreciate! Maybe it will prove to be a time, which will be later remembered as an occasion whereby we made more “Cherished Memories?” Ciao for now. Denis. Aka Rhymer.

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