Musketeer's 90th Challenge - Announcement by ROY.

a writing by ROY Douglas KNEALE

Hello everyone!
Firstly, the Musketeers (Keith, Eddie, Richard & William) send thanks to Denis Barter and all concerned with the 89th Musketeer Challenge.
I hereby announce that [unknown to my personal medical doctor whose constant care has kept me alive this past 15months – BLESS HIM] I have volunteered to carry the Musketeer Challenge baton on the 90th occasion, and, as I am now only weeks away from my 93rd year, I ask for your indulgence, insofar as how well (or poorly) I carry out the baton holder’s tasks; I trust my Musketeers will make up for my shortcomings.
I am very conscious of the fact that we are living in a time of great tragedy and upheaval, so it is small wonder that many are wondering if life is worth living now-a-days! What with terrorism and mass poverty and starvation, there is much to lament about.
All we can do is try to look on the best side of life – because dwelling too much upon miseries, only makes one’s life less bearable.
So, in this 90th Musketeer Challenge, I want to encourage you all to have POSITIVE thoughts, in order to lift the burdens of anxiety and/or depression, which many do suffer today.
Accordingly, the title I have chosen for this month’s challenge is “ONE OF LIFE’S GREATEST GIFTS.”
What do you think is one of the finest gifts that life has provided – on a personal level or generally speaking?
Entries can be serious or light-hearted; all entries will be very welcome and I ask you all to remember these monthly Musketeer Challenges are for fun – they are not competitive. Poems can be any length and should be titled “ONE OF LIFE’S GREATEST GIFTS - 90th Challenge”.
(Please note this is not a VN sponsored event.) **********************************************

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