MY step-mother 2

a writing by Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi



I was so amazed seeing my stepmother that I began to ask myself if it was a nightmare or a reality. Is this actually my stepmother?

Her new husband who happened to be my helper instructed me to go to my room. I sat down in my room with a load of doubt inside me. Is this not the black witch who promised to buy me mountain if I needed one? She promised to climb a tall tree for me if I wished to eat fruit. She promised to be a clear representative of my late mother. So this is where she fled to with my mother's property.

It's easy for me to disintegrate the relationship between her and my helper which was her husband by exposing her but she made this man successful using my entitlement. The thought of what to do filled my disturbed mind till I slept off.

In the middle of the night, my stepmother woke her husband up enquiring who I was and how he came about me. She asked all these questions in annoyance.
Her husband explained how he found me in a situation where I was in need of help.

She instructed her husband to send me out of their house or else, she would remind him of the situation he was before marrying her.
He pleaded on my behalf and they both agreed to take me as a house boy.

Her husband explained everything to me and asked if I would like to work for them as a house boy. I had no choice other than to accept.

I closed my eyes and remembered when my mother was alive, how she used to explain many things to me concerning life and human beings. She once said to me,
'humans are evil, my child, don't trust human beings'.

Unexpected tears filled my eyes. I could do nothing other than to pray.

Life was a living hell for me, staying with my stepmother. I don't eat regularly and other bad occurrences. Her husband always asked if I was being properly taken care of but I had to conceal the hardship I was facing.

One day, I decided to leave their place when I found the suffering no longer unbearable. I ran away.

After two months, the documents of my mother's property which was with my stepmother was missing. My stepmother blamed her husband for allowing me into the house. They concluded that definitely, I was the one who stole the documents. They searched for me as far as they could and also hired a gang of assassin to collect the documents from me and kill me.

I sat down by a busy road one day. I looked up and saw three guys pointing at me. I sensed they were after me and
I decided to run for my dear life. I wanted to cross the road but unfortunately, I was knocked down by a car. Seeing this happen, the guys ran away.

...................TO BE CONTINUED..............

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